Signage Shows the Way to a Safe Holiday

It Doesn’t Have to be Tricky to Deliver Halloween Treats

 It may be a holiday for everyone, but Halloween still seems like it is custom-designed with kids in mind.

Colorful masks and costumes give us an excuse to be somebody else for an evening. Kids gather to compare getups and trick-or-treat goodies, share stories about the neighbors who give out less-than-great candy (or no candy at all), and maybe which neighbors have friendly and not-so-friendly dogs.

But it’s not limited to the children. It also gives adults a reason to get into the spirit, whether through putting on their own Halloween costumes for parties or throwing parties for the parents while the kids are out gathering candy – perhaps even both.

For you, that means the festive holiday shopping has begun. While things are looking up, safety is still Priority #1. That means keeping everyone aware of social distancing and other health-related steps while still have a little fun.

Start the evening with safety first

Estimates from ProtectAmerica show that 41 million children will trick-or-treat this year. That’s a lot of supplies that are needed, from costumes and plastic pumpkins for trick or treating to Bandaids, drinks, and snacks for parties. Regardless of what your business sells, from the moment your customers approach your store they should be aware of the safety protocols you are practicing. Custom printed sidewalk signs are the perfect welcome and information download so customers know what you require within your establishment.

Cling to Safety

Window clings are another great asset to have in your arsenal this Halloween. They can serve multiple functions, from reminding customers that masks are required to broadcast your holiday sale. Big, bold colors will draw attention to passing traffic and a well-written copy will provide customers with all the shopping and safety information they need.

Have Some Fun

It’s Halloween, after all. So get your signage in the spirit of things as well. Custom printing at a one-stop-shop is the perfect way to create original signage that is fun as well as informational. There is also a myriad of possible pre-designed signs that you can use to remind everyone of things such as “Masks Required”. Whatever your rules are, have fun. The more fun you have, the more fun your customers are likely to have as well, and that’s good business.

Let Floor Signs Point the Way

Let’s face it: eyeballing six feet can be pretty difficult for some people. But floor decals take that worry away by providing the measurements for your customers. Get some Halloween themed floor stickers and measure out six feet in every aisle and every cashier station. When you’re done, your entire store will be thoroughly marked with an easy social distancing rule for all of your customers to follow. They’ll be appreciated how easy you make as well as how you are looking out for their health and safety.

Decorated Tables

Another option for continued safety during our health crisis is Halloween themed table covers, toppers, and throws. Just put up a portable, foldable table and with your festive cover, you can create your own little health station filled with the latest CDC and WHO pamphlets and information on how to keep safe. Perhaps give out little tchotchkes like lanyards or pens for the kids along with the safety information for the adults.

Sanitize the Shopping Experience

Set up cleaning stations with touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers along with a few holiday-themed signs with instructions for the ghosts and goblins who need a little touch-up while shopping in your store. You also can get custom-printed packets of hand sanitizer wipes to give out on your Halloween themed safety table. A little healthy encouragement for safe behavior can go a long way.

Specialty Themed Face Masks

We’re still observing social distancing and the use of face masks in most of the country, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to give everyone a chance to take part in the festivities. Get in the spirit by designing custom face masks or ordering pre-designed face masks that will get everyone into the holiday spirit. Whether it’s a picture of a vampire’s mouth, the jaw and teeth of a skeleton, or just simple text printed on the mask, fun Halloween-inspired masks make even those without costumes feel a part of the holiday as well as keep everyone safe while inside.

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