Sky Tube Square Cube Hanging Banners


Longlasting Sky Tube Square Cube Hanging Banners with Elegant Look

Do you want your brand to be the first thing that people notice when they walk into a room? Our Square Cube Hanging Banners are exactly what you need. It's one of the most versatile display advertising and appeals to a wide audience. We create it to last long and be repeatedly used at events. They ensure impactful visibility to the audience and give you a higher footing against competitors. 

We make these banners with sturdy and strong materials. They come with a collapsible aluminium hanging frame and hanging cable that secures the banner to the ceiling. You can also easily set up the banner using- chain, spring, eye hook, large screw, hook loop lock, and screw tightener included in the order package.

Our hanging banner has five graphic panels made of 210 GSM polyester fabric. These graphic panels are joined together at the edges to form a cube display, creating an elegant appearance. We print our banners in fade-resistant full color zippered tension.

You can also conveniently port this cube banner to anywhere you desire. We provide a complementary nylon travel bag for this purpose. Carry these banners to events, hang them up and generate buzz around your brand. 

Custom Hanging Banners to Match Your Brand Appeal

Customize these ceiling banners using the color, design and message that fits precisely your brand. We offer comprehensive options for you to personalize your banner. You can upload an image, edit our readymade templates or design using our online tool. Get creative and add your brand name, logo, tagline, and a relevant brand illustration onto the five panels. 

The size of the cube can be adjusted as well, thus giving you plenty of space to play around with text and visuals. We provide three options to choose from, depending on your requirement.

Special Bulk Quantity Discounts on Square Hanging Banners

Place an order depending on the quantity you require and grab a special discount on purchase of two or more square hanging banners. We have made an overview table mentioning the discounts offered by us for varying quantities. You can get all eyes on your brand with our customized square hanging banner and that too at an economical price.