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Business Cards

Custom Business Cards

Size: 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Square Business Cards

Size (W X H): 2 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $11.69

Premium Business Cards

Size: 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch

Starts at: $14.29

Circle Business Cards

Size (W X H): 2.5 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Rounded Corners Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Folded Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 4 Inch (folds to 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch) (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $28.49

Half Circle Side Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Slim Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 1.75 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Premium Business Cards-Vertical

Size (W X H): 2 Inch x 3.5 Inch

Starts at: $14.29

Leaf Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Oval Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Die-Cut Business Cards

Size (W X H): 3.5 Inch x 2 Inch (Pack of 50)

Starts at: $12.99

Postcard printing-style business cards that will leave an indelible impression on anyone you hand it over to. Made from stiff, thick cardstock with a choice of a glossy or matte finish, get your visiting cards custom designed and printed in packs, starting from 50 business cards to as many as 2000. Suit your needs and choose from front-only or front and back printed cards. A quick choice of vertical and horizontal orientation is also available. A broad selection of card shapes & styles including slim, oval, leaf, half-circle, square, standard, flat, folded, and die-cut business cards ensures that you find the right marketing tool that reflects your business/brand personality. Most of all, we use card paper derived from sustainable sources only. So, you know that you will not just be building relationships, but will be placing your company in a new light each time you hand them over to someone.

Business Cards: Personalized, Professional Networking Tools

Our business cards offer high-quality printing on durable materials, ensuring your contact information lasts over time. Customize your business card with options like glossy or matte finishes, tailor your cards to reflect your unique style and branding. Perfect for use at networking events, client meetings, or conferences, our business card printing service helps you to give a strong impression in every interaction.

Ideal for freelancers, small business owners, and corporate executives, our business cards are a perfect marketing tool for any occasion. From introducing yourself to potential clients to networking with industry peers, these cards are a versatile and essential part of your professional toolkit. Featuring sleek design options and superior printing quality, our business cards are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Additionally, our range of marketing materials, including banners, flags, and signs, complements your business cards to ensure cohesive and impactful branding across all your promotional efforts.

Don't miss our business cards for an eye-catching networking tool. Explore our range today to find the perfect cards that uniquely represent your brand.

Why Choose Business Cards from Us?

Durable Materials: Our premium business cards are crafted from premium 16 pt. cardstock. They provide a sturdy and professional feel that lasts.

High-Resolution Printing: We use advanced printing technology. This ensures sharp text and vibrant colors for clear, detailed branding.

Customizable Options: Select from glossy or matte finishes to enhance visual appeal. Choose between single-sided or double-sided printing to maximize your message space.

Variety of Shapes and Styles: We offer business cards in multiple shapes and styles. Options include standard, square, circle, round business cards, and folded business cards.

Bulk Ordering Convenience: Take advantage of our bulk ordering options. Ensure you always have enough cards on hand while enjoying cost savings.

Design Templates: Choose from a selection of cutting-edge design templates. Create a card that stands out.

Application and Use Cases: Maximizing Impact with Premium Business Cards

Networking Events: Wow your peers at professional gatherings.

Client Meetings: Grab the opportunity to share your contact information.

Conferences: Impress industry peers and potential partners.

Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Enhance your brand recognition.

Corporate Executives: Strengthen your professional image.


How much does it cost to make business cards?

Our prices start from $7.50 for a pack of 50 business cards.

What is a good amount of business cards?

A good amount of business cards is typically around 1000.

What is the most popular business card size?

The most popular business card size is 3.5 inches by 2 inches, known as the standard size.

How long does it take to get business cards from BannerBuzz?

The shipping time varies based on your order and chosen shipping method. Standard shipping usually takes 8 business days, priority shipping takes 4-6 business days, and express shipping takes 7-10 business days.