Oval Business Cards

Oval Business Cards

  • Use cards with ballpoint pens or permanent markers.
  • Easy to write on non-glossy material.
  • Water-based coating for added scratch and scuff resistance.
  • Made from sustainable materials.
  • Thick cardstock with a non-reflective finish.

Network and Promote Businesses with Professional Oval Business Cards

Customizable, High-Quality, and Durably Made Oval Business Cards

Create great first impressions and successfully network while on the go to grow your business. Using premium business cards is helpful in promoting companies with their professional look and feel. The convenient size allow the cards to be easily carried in wallets or utilized as a hangtag. Easily network by handing out cards with your business's logo and contact information. Business cards provide a quick way to trade vital information with other companies or potential clients.

Made with a 14 pt. gloss or matte finish, this cardstock material provides more durability than normal paper. The oval-shaped business cards also have flexibility, which makes them usable as a hangtag or as an insert inside folders. For added reliability, the water-based coating helps to give the cards additional protection against scratches and scuffs.

Attract new clients or businesses with the vibrant color printing options provided for the premium business cards. The print finishes give a lightfastness and sharp contrast for a high-quality look. Effectively communicate your brand and important contact information with size and font options. Choose from non-reflective finishes for a classic and professional appearance.

Design the cardstock business cards according to specific brand requirements. There is something for everyone with options ranging from the orientation to the paper type desired. Choice of quantity and sizes are also available so they can be used to fit inside wallets and allow you to have the proper amount on hand for distribution. Personalize what is printed on the card or leave the card blank as the surfaces can be written on with permanent marker or oil-based pens.

Portable Cardstock Business Cards made with Eco-Friendly Materials

Reduce your company's carbon footprint by choosing these premium business cards, as they are made from sustainable sources. The paper material is highly recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option. Using this environmentally beneficial cardstock not only helps to reduce waste, but fulfills the social responsibility to help the planet.

The oval-shaped business cards are made of lightweight material, making it easy to carry and store. The small size of the cards allows them to be kept in items such as wallets or premade folder inserts.

Easy to Order Oval Business Cards

Conveniently promote your business with these easy-to-order cards. Choose from shipping options such as doorstep delivery or those based around a fixed budget. The premium business cards can also be delivered based on speed to meet high supply demands. For quality, these products are handled with care and the utmost hygiene for safe and prompt delivery.

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