Slim Business Cards

Slim Business Cards


Slim Business Cards - True Conversation Starters.

An innovative way to introduce your business with uniquely crafted Slim Business Cards.

  • Custom, high-quality slim business cards
  • Premium paper stock prints
  • The border size is more than 3 MM
  • Create your own card online or submit your brief, we'll get your design ready for print.
  • Attractive paper texture and accessible to write on.
  • Size: 1.75'' x 3.5''
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process

Slim Business Cards

Slimmer the Business Card is, Bigger the Impression Is. Yes, we bring you the finest range of square business cards to create an elegant impression about your business. A business is not a business if it doesn't have that sophisticated yet creative angle to it. And thus, we aid you in shaping your business communication to a magnificent level. Simple yet elegant and a minimalist approach would match the sleek nature of your slim business cards.

Slim Business Card Features:

  • Sizes & Dimensions: Business Cards are true conversation starter and when it comes to 1.75'' x 3.5'' slim business cards, they serve the purpose really well.
  • Designing: Slim business cards can be designed with an in-action photo on the front, and your name and e-mail address on the back.
  • Paper Stocks: Material ranging from gloss, uncoated, premium matte, Trifecta Green with Velvet Finish to other coloured Trifecta with velvet finish will be picked as per your need. You just name it and we'll design it.

Special Finishing Options

To make your business card stand out, here, we have so many options when it comes to design. Get an effective range of business cards that use attention-getting finishing features:

  • rounded corners
  • Embossed, foil accents
  • Die cuts
  • Unique sizes
  • Folds to turn a simple card into a mini-brochure