Water Bag Base


Water Bag Bases are Portable, Customizable, and Easy to Order

While advertising your brand, it's vital to keep your flags properly and constantly displayed, regardless of the weather. Our flag water bags will anchor your flag poles reliably. You can purchase the multipurpose bags to set up flag poles and umbrellas for indoor and outdoor events.

Produced with lightweight materials, the cross-base water bags are portable, and easy to use and store. You can quickly move the bags to a different location to keep your brand visible. This allows you to spend less money on marketing tools while increasing your return on investment.

At BannerBuzz, we provide convenient doorstep delivery based on your desired pace for feather flag base water bags. You have the freedom to choose from multiple shipping options as per your budget. We believe in delivering packages with the utmost care to ensure customer happiness.

We understand how important it is for you to customize and personalize your items. As a result, you have the option to include detailed instructions for modifying the water bag bases to meet your needs and ensure that the items meet your expectations.

Flag Water Bags are Ready to Use and Offer Great Stability.

Save time and effort with our ready-made cross-base water bags. These are ready to use, making the installation quick and easy. You can use the bags immediately upon receipt. No tools or special items are necessary.

The feather flag base water bags provide stability to flag poles and stands. With a cross base, you can take advantage of extra support and firmness for the banners against strong winds or bad weather.

Water Bag Bases are Sized to Meet Your Needs

Our flag water bags are 52 cm in diameter, just right to fit a cross base, and come with a 10cm inner hole to accommodate most flag poles. With a capacity of 15 liters, these bags hold enough water to keep the flags and poles secured.

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