Wall Bracket for Stanchion Belt

Wall Bracket for Stanchion Belt


Create Helpful Barriers with Wall Brackets for Stanchion Belts

  • Tough plastic makes the brackets more durable.
  • Personalize the product to suit your needs.
  • Included screw and plug allow for easy installation.
  • Lightweight materials make the product easier to use.

Stanchion Belt Wall Brackets Offer Strength, Personalization, and Easy Use

Stanchions are useful tools to control the traffic of customers and guests in large buildings or at public events. Attaching the belts to walls eliminates the need to purchase a large number of posts that could also take up space. Our plastic wall brackets are ideal when you need to safely redirect people or set up lines at your business.

Made of tough plastic, our wall-mounted brackets are highly durable. Even after frequent use, they will continue to be reliable over a long period of time. This means you will not need to purchase replacement brackets later, saving you time and money.

We offer the option to write in your own special instructions when ordering wall brackets. Customize the products to meet your needs more easily. You can ask for specific details to be altered to fit the unique requirements of your business.

Our wall-mounted brackets come with screws and screw plugs for your convenience. They require little effort and no other tools to install. You can have your stanchions set up and ready in a brief amount of time, reducing the preparation work needed before opening your lines.

Plastic Wall Brackets are Reusable and Lightweight

These wall brackets are easy to remove so you can take reinstall them for another purpose. This allows you to reuse the brackets, eliminating the need to purchase a new set, reducing costs for your business.

The plastic used in these wall-mounted brackets is only about 10g, making them lightweight, yet sturdy. This means you can easily transport multiple units to each location. This also means they are easy to put in storage when not in use.

Stanchion Belt Wall Brackets are Easy to Acquire

A variety of shipping options are available when purchasing our plastic wall brackets. Choose doorstep delivery to have them sent straight to you at your convenience. Find the best option for your budget and get the product at a speed that works for you.

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