Big Head Cutouts

Big Head Cutouts

  • Made with premium PVC foam sheet for durability.  
  • Available in 3 mm thickness for lasting use.  
  • Full-color, 600DPI, UV prints look striking from afar.
  • Personalization option available for effective branding.
  • Cutouts come in standard and custom sizes.  

Get Durable Big Head Cutouts Featuring High-Quality PVC Foam Sheet 

It's time to make your business events stand out with our premium Big Head Cutouts, designed to last a long time. They add an element of novelty and entertainment to business events and help create a memorable experience that stands out from traditional signage or promotional materials. We manufacture our cutouts using durable materials for ensuring longevity and high investment returns. You can also upload your design or photo online for cutout personalization and give your brand event an inclusive feel.  

Durable Material: Providing you with a one-of-a-kind branding opportunity, our durable cutouts are crafted from a top-quality PVC foam sheet weighing 980 GSM. The material is widely known in the market for offering unmatched durability and resilience. It is resistant to challenging external conditions, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This durability ensures they maintain their visual appeal and structural integrity over time.  

Personalized Design: At BannerBuzz, you can personalize your custom big head cutout with your desired character image, logo, or other designs. You can easily upload your print-ready file online for personalization or add your product to the cart first and receive the upload link on your registered mail ID later. Read our file uploading instructions given on the website to avoid any errors that may occur during printing. After understanding your requirements and personalization preferences, we will deliver the cutout straight to your doorstep.  

Branding & Marketing: With these big head cutouts, your event attendees will likely remember the event and its associated brand, leaving a lasting impression. Moreover, personalized big head cutouts are highly shareable on social media platforms. Attendees love to take photos with these oversized cutouts and share them with their followers, extending the brand's reach beyond the event. User-generated content featuring the brand's personalized cutouts can go viral and generate additional brand exposure and engagement.  

Custom Big Head Cutouts Come with Appealing Full-Color, 600DPI, UV Prints 

Printing Technique: We use full-color, 600DPI, UV printing technique to produce high-resolution and strikingly clear images on your cutouts. Our printing technique meets all quality expectations to give you a long-lasting product with clear graphics that does not get damaged easily. Full-color printing allows for vibrant and eye-catching pictures on big head cutouts. The high resolution of 600DPI ensures sharp and detailed images, text, and logos.  

Multiple Sizes Available: At BannerBuzz, our durable giant head cutouts come in various pre-defined sizes for you to select from. You can easily choose your desired size from our size dropdown menu on the website. In case our standard sizes don’t match your requirements, you can also customize it to suit your business needs. Just enter your preferred size dimensions online on our website and your custom-made cutout will be delivered straight to your doorstep

Order Your Custom Big Head Cutout Online at BannerBuzz Today Easily  

Place Your Order: Ordering your long-lasting big head cutout online is absolutely hassle-free with our convenient order process. Just select your desired cutout size or customize it and upload your artwork online for personalization. Yes, that is all it takes to design a visually appealing big head cutout for your business.    

Ready to make your big purchase online at BannerBuzz? Our easy order process lets you shop for your big head cutouts easily!