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Rigid Signs

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Acrylic Signs
12" x 12" Starts at $40.00
Clear Acrylic Signs
12" x 12" Starts at $40.00
Yard Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $7.49
PVC Foam Board Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $16.50
Parking Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $25.50
Patio Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $25.50
Street Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $25.50
Pool Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $25.50
Gator Boards
6" x 24" Starts at $10.00
Sintra Boards
6" x 24" Starts at $8.00
Styrene Boards
6" x 24" Starts at $8.00
Movie Signs
12" x 18" Starts at $25.50
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One-Stop Destination For High-Quality Rigid Signs

Parking signs for your lot, patio sign for your restaurant or an acrylic sign for your office, we are here to serve you with whatever you need. BannerBuzz is your reliable source of custom rigid signs that will not chip, crack, tear or rust. Made with heavy-duty premium materials, these signs are meant to last for years. What’s even great is that we are more of a one-stop destination for finding all kinds of outdoor and indoor advertising signs that include:

With these and tons of more advertising signs, you are bound to find what you are looking for. So, go ahead and start exploring.

Designate Your Areas With a Fully-Customizable Advertising Sign

Customizing any sign and display at BannerBuzz is quick and easy. All you have to do is follow a few quick steps and place your order to get closer to becoming visible like never before. So, once you have found your preferred rigid sign, follow the below steps to place your order:

  • Click on the specific signage from the above listing that you want to custom print.
  • Start your order by selecting the preferred material.
  • Choose custom size or one of the pre-available sizes.
  • Enter the quantity of sign that you want. Bulk orders help you save bigger.
  • Enter your print specifications for that sign. 
  • Pick your finishing options, which could be anything from grommets to stands, depending upon the signage type.

Personalize Your Sign In Two Easy Steps

To personalize your display, you can browse through lots of free design templates that we offer for every signage type. This will inspire you to come up with a unique design that you can create using our design tool. However, if you already have a print-ready artwork file with you, just upload it quick and easy at the time of checkout.

Note: You can always find the design tool on the right-hand side of the page just below the checkout button. 

Now that you understand the entire ordering process, go on, find that advertising tool you have been wanting. Designate your parking spaces or cordon off a specific area at an event with Fully-Customizable Signage. Prevent others from entering your area or welcome them to your space. How you wish to use a custom rigid sign is up to you. But what we can promise is offering you quality sign, best price guarantee, quick turnaround time and diligent assistance. Did we mention doorstep delivery? Yeah, that too! 

Wait no more. It’s time to create a buzz with a sign from BannerBuzz. Happy to help you get visible. Order away!