Patio Signs

Patio Signs

  • Full color UV printing offers high-quality graphics and easy readability.
  • Sturdy construction provides product longevity.
  • Lightweight materials make the signs easily portable.
  • Multiple customization options help us offer personalized products.
  • Discounts with bulk purchases provide savings.

Effectively Communicate with Visitors and Passersby using Patio Signs

Patio Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Constant communication with your community is a necessity for your institution to stay relevant. Our outdoor patio signs are perfect for relaying information. The signs offer you the opportunity to present a message to visitors, passersby, and employees. Welcome guests to your outdoor space, relay rules or warnings, or share a brand message using our outdoor signage.

We construct the full-color signs with 1.2 mm thick aluminum sheets. This material is non-corrosive and offers longevity to the signs. Such durability makes the signs suitable for prolonged outdoor use and saves on your ad spend in the long-term.

We print our aluminum signs in full color with great contrast to communicate the intended message. The 600 DPI high resolution provides clean text, allowing your clients and employees to see the message on the signs from a distance.

The patio signs have multiple customization options. You can choose from the available sizes or customize a size that meets your unique requirements. You can even make modifications to the graphic. Use our provided templates to create your design, upload your own artwork, or hire a professional to create a sign for you.

Outdoor Patio Signs are Portable and Eco-Friendly

Made of lightweight material, our full color signs are easily portable. This feature makes the signs easy to set up and store for future use. You can reposition and reuse the signs, and this helps to increase your ROI.

Our aluminum signs help you fulfill your social responsibility because we print them with eco-friendly solvents. The process does not release harmful solvents into the air, which helps to reduce emissions. This also helps you build your company as an ecologically conscious brand.

Get Bulk Order Discounts with Patio Signs

Place an order for full-color signs in quantities as low as 2 to over 500 and receive a discount. Buy signs in accordance with your budget, requirement, and the size of your establishment. This flexibility allows us to cater to your needs, whether you run a small or large businesses.

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