Gator Boards

Gator Boards


Long-Lasting and Self-Adhesive Gator Boards

  • Durable resin and wood fiber around a dense core resists bending.
  • Choose from many available sizes and designs.
  • Lightweight construction offers convenient portability.
  • A self-adhesive front allows for quick and easy installation.
  • Order boards in bulk quantities for discounts

Gator Boards are Durable, Portable, and Customizable

Whether you're a retailer installing promotional signage or an individual decorating their home, you may seek ways to hang up and display posters. Our gator foam boards are a reliable product for hanging up posters and signs without a frame for support. They are versatile and suitable for displaying a variety of poster types.

Resin and wood fiber veneers make the foam boards extra sturdy and durable. With a dense core, the boards resist bending and crushing while the wood fiber stands up to dents. These qualities also make the boards suitable for supporting long-term displays.

Numerous design options give you custom foam boards that match your exact requirements. There are many templates to choose from, or you can upload your own artwork. The boards are available in a variety of sizes or you can customize a size. Add Pantone Color Match to ensure an exact match to brand colors. You can give us specific instructions for further customization.

Our Gator foam boards are lightweight and easy to carry. The ability to relocate and reuse the boards lets you use fewer boards and increases return on investment. You can store the boards with ease.

Foam Boards are Easy to Install; Available in Bulk

With a self-adhesive front, our foam boards hold posters and artwork in place with or without frames. The adhesive properties make setup and installation quick and easy. Sticking posters onto the boards removes the need for hot mounting or lamination.

Make selections based on specific requirements to get the most value out of your purchase. With a discount on orders of 2 to 100 or more, get supplies for your organization while saving money. We have something for large or small businesses.

Gator Boards are Easy to Order

Ordering Gator foam boards is a simple process with our online ordering system. Choose a shipping option, such as doorstep delivery, depending on your budget and the speed at which you need the delivery.

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