Gator Boards

Gator Boards


Versatility to go almost anywhere

  • Excellent for indoor retail use
  • Best for prints with limited handling
  • Light weight, semi rigid foam board
  • Get the seamless product up to 4ft width or height

Gator board printing is one of the strongest forms of foam boards available, making it resistant to denting, bending and crushing, and more durable for travel. Gator board printing is also one of the most versatile printing materials available.

Our self-adhesive gator boards have an extra dense core that provides more strength and durability compared to regular poster foam boards. Mounting posters on gator board signs will give you the flexibility to hang and showcase your artwork with or without framing. They're perfect for everything from casual bedrooms to classy living areas. Placing the right image on gator board signs can really dress up even the most drab of rooms. Consider spreading a single image over two, three or four boards for a really eye catching image.

With the rugged qualities of our self-adhesive gator boards, the printing and mounting of these posters will maintain their high quality. Vivid colors will remain intact and look stunning. Gator boards are available in almost any size and with your original artwork, it would make a priceless gift.