Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

  • High durability, rigid acrylic signs to meet various needs.
  • Made from a shatter-resistant, cast polymer material.
  • Perfect optical clarity with smooth finishing.
  • Easy and hassle-free installation.

Catch Your Audience’s Eye With Vibrant and Colorful Acrylic Signs 

BannerBuzz offers custom acrylic signs to grant visibility and uniqueness to your ventures. Whether you are a small business that is trying to gain traction or an established YouTuber who has reinvented themself as a brand, our unique and colorful acrylic signs lend a name and identity at every stage. 

From highlighting your logo to offering it recognition, you can achieve it all with signs. They sport a sleek and glossy finish that gives a professional look to your brand and makes it clear that you are serious about what you do.

We use high-grade polymer plexiglass that is resistant to shattering. It is also immune to the harsh effects of external weathering agents, making it ideal for external and interior setups.

The combination of durability and lightweight make our acrylic signs an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional signs made from glass.

Choose From a Diverse Set of Designs, Finishing, and Mounting Styles

When it comes to acrylic sign designs, we are flexible; we accommodate every customer’s distinct requirements. You can choose from a wide range of acrylic finishes, such as clear, frosted, opaque, reflective, and HIP reflective. 

As for the design, you can pick anything from our library, upload your artwork, design online, or hire a designer depending on what you envision. Additionally, you can customize the them in 4 different standard sizes or choose a custom size. The same applies to mounting styles where you can choose to use double-sided tape or get us to drill holes in the sign so that you can mount it using studs.

Custom Acrylic Signs With High Optical Clarity for Greater Visibility

Our acrylic signs offer a glass-like appearance and elegance without posing any risk of shattering or breakage. The designs are directly UV printed on the substrate to offer high visibility and greater optical clarity. We finish off the acrylic signs with a glossy finish to make your sign stand out. So whether you install these indoors or outdoors, they will continue to stay effective in displaying your message.