Directional Arrow Signs

Directional Arrow Signs

  • Durable corflute signs are best for long-term outdoor use.
  • A quick choice of 5 predefined sizes is available.
  • Upload your artwork or design your personalized graphics online. 
  • Rounded corners increase structural durability and assure safety.
  • Direct printing on corflute ensures exact color match.

Eye-catching Directional Arrow Signs for Easy Navigation

Custom Directional Arrow Signs for Effective Wayfinding 

Want to relay crucial navigational information, provide directions to your customers that bring them to your door, or highlight a zone/area at your business/space? Our custom directional arrow signs are a one-in-all wayfinding signage solution that can help you get all this done and more. At the same time, they create an indelible impression for your brand or business.

Get as creative as you want with these fully-customizable arrow signs to create a unique directional sign. To create your personalized directional arrow signs, you can create your custom graphics via our design tool using our selection of free design templates. You can also upload your print-ready artwork in a click. If you aren’t that far ahead, our very affordable hire a designer service will give you a professional designer for a one-on-one design creation process.

Our full-color, 600 DPI UV printing ensures long-lasting and quality-driven graphics that are ideal  for indoor and outdoor use. Direct printing on the corflute results in vibrant and consistent prints that assure exact color match and attention to detail. This allows us to meet your graphic expectations without compromising on quality in any way. 

Each directional arrow sign has rounded corners. These rounded corners add to the overall structural durability along with reducing the wear and tear of the sign over time. Plus, they make it a feasible and safe display tool from an installation and transition standpoint.

A Selection of Arrow Styles & Directions to Choose From

Another flexible feature that comes handy with these custom directional arrow signs is the availability of 5 predefined arrow styles that vary by shape and design. Each direction arrow also has a choice of either right & left facing relative to the viewer. So no matter where you’re situated, your arrow will point in the right direction. 

Each arrow sign comes in a variety of sizes. Whether you need big or small, there is undoubtedly a size that fits your needs to a T. You can also create your arrow sign with double-sided printing. This is particularly useful for indoor displays where the arrow is viewed from both directions. 

Directional Arrow Signs Made of Highly-quality Corflute

Custom directional arrow signs are made out of high-quality 5mm corflute material. The premium quality ensures longer lifespan and high-durability. Corflute, also known as corrugated polypropylene, is a lightweight yet rigid fluted plastic. It can withstand different ambient conditions including UV rays and light winds. However, prolonged use in  extreme weather is not recommended as it can shorten the lifespan of the product. 

Regardless of the style or direction of your sign, these arrow shaped custom directional signs will enhance the navigability of your space and lead more potential customers to your door. 

A Quick Look at The Key Specifications

Here’s everything you need to know about the material, dimensions, maintenance, and other relevant specifications that go behind the construction of our impeccable directional arrow signs: 

  • 5 mm thick corflute material
  • Graphic weight - 890 GSM
  • Choice of predefined sizes is available:

 ( W x H):

2 Ft x 1 Ft (Default)

3 Ft x 1 Ft

4 Ft x 2.5 Ft

5 Ft x 2 Ft

6 Ft x 2.5 Ft

  • Full color, 600 DPI, UV printing
  • Finishing - Corners are rounded for safe handling
  • Fully-customizable design and graphics
  • Not recommended to be used in heavy rain or windy conditions