Round Shaped Backdrop


Round Shaped Backdrop Made of Premium Aluminum Material

Whether you're planning a business event, seminar, or office party, our round photo backdrop stands out to enhance your promotional efforts. This circular backdrop has a distinctive design that leaves an indelible mark on your attendees' memories. Easily print your brand message or logo and secure it to the frame, making it an essential tool for brand visibility. With our round shaped backdrop for weddings, birthdays, and other events, you can elevate your brand's presence effortlessly.

Constructed from robust and enduring aluminum, our circle backdrop for photo booths is not only heavy-duty but also weather-resistant. Benefit from the corrosion-resistant features of aluminum, ensuring that our backdrop serves both indoor and outdoor functions seamlessly. This circular studio background promises durability, standing the test of time without wear and tear.

At BannerBuzz, our round backdrop frame is meticulously designed using aluminum tubes coupled with numbered push-in poles. This design ensures a straightforward installation process and guarantees extended usability. Perfect for catching the eyes of prospective clients or attendees, this round fabric backdrop maintains a balanced, steady, and resilient system, thanks to its structure.

Setting your brand booth apart at tradeshows is easier than ever with our backdrop made of premium-quality tension fabric weighing 240 GSM. This circle shape backdrop for professional photography and events boasts numerous advantages, such as longevity, robustness, and minimal upkeep needs, ensuring your backdrop always looks pristine.

Round Photo Backdrop Featuring Advanced Dye-Sublimation Printing

We pride ourselves on using an advanced dye-sublimation printing method to produce crystal-clear, wrinkle-free imagery on our round-shaped backdrop. Whether you lean towards bright, vivid colors or prefer understated tones, our printing technique ensures your promotional message remains sharp and easily readable, even from afar.

Our circular studio background provides versatility with options for single or double-sided printing. Tailor your backdrop to match your unique advertising needs, and trust in our top-notch printing method to guard against image fade or peeling.

Premium-Quality Circle Backdrop for Photo Booths in Two Convenient Sizes

Choose from two standard sizes for our circle shape backdrop for professional photography: 5 ft diameter x 7.25 ft height (approx.) and 6.5 ft diameter x 7.4 ft (approx.). We understand the need for mobility, which is why every round fabric backdrop purchase comes with a nylon carry bag, ensuring ease of transport and setup wherever your event might be.