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Santa Christmas Inflatable Tube Man
6 Feet Starts at $55.00
( 4.7/5 )
Red, White, & Blue Tube
10 Feet Starts at $39.00
( 4.7/5 )
Custom Inflatable Tube Man
6 Feet Starts at $90.00
Ghost Inflatable Tube Man
6 Feet Starts at $55.00
( 4.7/5 )
Green Inflatable Tube Man
6 Feet Starts at $35.00
( 4.62/5 )
Elephant Inflatable Tube Man
14 Feet Starts at $157.90
( 4.7/5 )
Red Inflatable Tube Man
6 Feet Starts at $35.00
( 4.7/5 )
Yellow with Red Arms Inflatable Tube Man
10 Feet Starts at $49.00
( 4.65/5 )
Custom Inflatable Tube
10 Feet Starts at $148.00
( 4.62/5 )
Yellow Tube
10 Feet Starts at $39.00
( 4.7/5 )
Blue Tube
10 Feet Starts at $39.00
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It Dances, It Wiggles, It Attracts Like Nothing Else!

The Banner Buzz Inflatable Tube Man is a fantastic advertising tool that attracts people of all ages.  This product is a delightful way to add levity and laughter to your marketing toolbox, and this one literally stands out above all the rest! From festivals and trade fairs to brick and mortar store installations, our tube dancers are guaranteed to make people stop and take notice. We’re proud to offer these smile-inducing attractions that run on battery and can be placed anywhere your business needs to be seen. Select from our standard models or choose a tube dancer custom designed for your personal commercial/outdoor advertising requirements.

A Custom Inflatable Tube Man Can Fulfill Your Advertising Needs

An Air Tube Man can be the perfect marketing tool to advertise and promote your business or your brands. And with a relatively tiny footprint on the ground, the sky (and your imagination) is truly the limit.

You can custom design your Inflatable Tube Man at BannerBuzz to the specific height, circumference/width, color and blower diameter you require. Many businesses have been successful when using holiday-themed tube dancers for Halloween, Independence Day or even Black Friday, and we offer the most popular options for the product. You may select everything from barber pole designs in red, white and blue, a wedding-themed inflatable tube bride or groom, and many more themes. 

The tube dancer is made of high strength polyamide nylon silk and 600D PVC/Nylon material which provides added flexibility and durability to ensure a longer product life. It’s flexible, sun, wind, rain and snow resistant, and it is also rip-proof.  So no matter the elements, your business will be proud to have our inflatable dancing man stand up for you! At BannerBuzz, it is our mission to offer you products of the highest quality available. This product is inexpensive yet can be remarkably effective and perfect for your parking lot, sidewalk, storefront or any other outdoor space.

This outdoor advertising tool is perfect for any occasion and can be designed to fit your budget. 

BannerBuzz Makes the Highest Quality Air Tube Dancers

This larger than life advertising tool is a sure way to grab anyone’s attention. Right from the portable battery-powered fan base that will let you place the unit in a high traffic location, BannerBuzz has loaded it with features that ensure its reliability.

  • Made with high strength polyamide nylon silk and added tarpaulin
  • Inflatable Bottom material is constructed using 600D PVC Nylon
  • Comes with our best price guarantee
  • Ready to ship
  • Industry’s quickest turnaround time and doorstep delivery
  • Can be customized
  • Pre-designed Inflatable Tube Man in multiple themes and styles
  • Free design proofs available
  • Can be easily washed and maintained
  • Dye-sublimation printed in full colors
  • UV and weather-resistant

There’s no question why auto dealers, restaurant owners, real estate agents, and conference and trade show exhibitors love our inflatable tube man. There’s no one who can walk past this smiley, wiggly and bright colored attention-grabber without noticing it. And just like this dancing tube man, the decision to get one for your business is a no brainer!