American Flag Inflatable Tube Man

American Flag Inflatable Tube Man

  • Made from highly durable polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin.
  • Non-fading dye-sublimation print for greater visibility.
  • Material is washable in cold water.
  • Two variants - 6 feet or 10 feet height when inflated.
  • 12” blower available optionally.

Put Your Patriotism on Display With American Flag Inflatable Tube Man

Want to wear your national pride on your sleeve while adding life to the party or promoting your brand? Then allow our American Flag Inflatable Tube Man to lead the way. It can seamlessly transform any casual or business event into a fun-filled celebration.

Our American Flag Inflatable Tube Man can change the entire vibe of a promotional event or a private party by livening it up. And the connection your brand develops based on human emotion can leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer’s minds.

These inflatable tube men are manufactured from high-performance technical material of high-strength polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin. The high-strength material paired with the high-quality dye-sublimation print offers high performance regardless of the weather.

Bag attractive discounts on bulk purchases. Do note that blowers are not included with the product. However, you can purchase the 12” blower separately at a competitive price. 

Get Noticed by Your Patrons With Highly Durable American Flag Inflatable Tube Man

In addition to celebrating the spirit of freedom and liberty, the American Flag Inflatable Tube Man can also be useful in getting your brand noticed regardless of the weather or the terrain. Since it is available in 6 feet and 10 feet variants, you can decide on a height that fits according to your audience’s field of vision.

At the same time, its promise of durability rests in the fact that it is manufactured from heavy-duty technical material that can withstand varying temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

All this while, the Inflatable Tube Man can employ emotional marketing to connect with your audiences. The goofy waving and dancing motion helps spread cheer and joy while positioning your brand as approachable and fun.  

Custom Inflatable Tube Man for Infusing Life at Any Kind of Event

The American Flag Inflatable Tube Man is just one product from our entire line of inflatable tube men. You can customize the graphic to display your promotional message or get the tube man in different flags. It can also reflect your business’ branding and logo. Contact our design experts to know how you can use an inflatable tube man to get into the spotlight.