Gain maximum attraction with our pre-designed Inflatable Tube Men

You have seen them everywhere. On the road, inside a market, outside a gas station or auto dealer showroom and trade show event as a time-tested advertising channel for attracting audiences on a large scale, without squeezing your marketing budget. Pre-designed inflatable tube men products from Bannerbuzz is a great way to attract people in your shop. We have gained respect and admiration among our clients after years of service and provide the highest quality material for inflatables, stands and displays that can withstand any weather condition. We produce the widest range of designs while offering discounts and organizing huge sale on inflatable tube man to help small and medium-size businesses add a third dimension of advertising that wasn’t possible with conventional banner stands. This makes up the best most reliable inflatable advertising product in the market. But the cost-reliability feature is the primary reason why inflatable tube man has taken the world by storm. Whether its dancing inflatables, hand waving inflatables, Tuxedo inflatables tube man, jester inflatable tube man, every product is uniquely designed, packed and delivered within the scheduled time.

Give wings to your brand with Inflatable Tube Men

If you want a custom inflatable tube man, then we will provide you the right tools and guidance to create a new design, or if you are in need of hasty advertising, you can pick up any of our pre-designed products. We have in stock a huge collection of inflatables in every shape and size starting from 6 feet to 20 feet inflatables. 20 feet inflatable is the king of the skies that is hard to miss even for people passing by from a distance. 10 feet inflatables are the perfect choice for sidewalks and retail shop advertising as these mid-size models are clearly visible. 6 feet inflatables are ideal for both indoor and outdoor advertising and this is the smallest of all. If you are now hiring inflatable tube man and don’t want to purchase it, then you can take one from our storehouse at a convenient price.

Tubes are designed and manufactured with best available fabrics and assembled in pre-formulated shapes receive a constant blast of from industrial blower fans. What comes out from the other side is a vibrant, massive, eye-catching and mind-blowing marketing beacon. One horsepower air blower is a proven and tested product. It is powerful enough to make a 20ft inflatable tube man stand tall and mighty in just a couple of minutes.

  • 18” diameter blower, compatible for our pre-designed inflatable tube men
  • Highest quality and commercial grade blower
  • Full size, 3 speed, the most efficient and trustworthy blower in the industry
  • It has a set of 4 lockable rolling wheels
  • Designed for outdoor use.