Rent Me Inflatable Tube Man

Rent Me Inflatable Tube Man

  • Made of polyamide nylon & tarpaulin.
  • Base is constructed with 600D PVC/nylon material.
  • Available in 20ft height.
  • Grab our bulk order discount.

‘Rent Me’ Inflatable Tube Man is Constructed with High Strength Polyamide Nylon Silk & Tarpaulin

Getting a good tenant or renting a house that suits your budgets and requirements is a strenuous task. Our ‘Rent Me’ inflatable tube man can make it easy for you. Place it outside the house and see the renters flow in. It’s bright color and height grabs attention from afar. Place it strategically and let it do your job.

The upper body of our ‘Rent Me’ inflatable tube man is made of premium quality polyamide nylon. The added tarpaulin gives it extra strength and flexibility. It also increases its life span and makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The base of the inflatable tube man is constructed using 600D PVC/nylon which gives it extra support. It makes it more durable and gives it extra strength. Our inflatable tube man is 20 feet in height and comes in an attractive red color. The height makes it noticeable from a distance.

The ‘Rent Me’ letters on the inflated tube man are embroidered using good quality threads which are strong. The colors of the threads used are strong and will not fade or break in sun or rain.

Our Inflatable Tube Man Come with an Electric Fan Air Blower

An electric fan air blower of diameter 18 inches comes with our inflatable tube man. This will help you inflate the product easily. This blower also provides a constant air flow that makes the tube man move about and grab attention. All you need to do is to plug it to an appropriate and reliable electrical switch.

Our inflatable tube man is easy to clean and maintain. You can wash them in cold water in a front loading machine and not top loading. Use a small amount of mild (non-bleach) detergent and hand dry them. You can also hand wash them.

Discount Bulk Orders of our Inflatable Tube Man

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