Pirate Inflatable Tube Man

Pirate Inflatable Tube Man


Attract Visitors of All Ages with Pirate Inflatable Tube Men

  • Durable nylon, PVC, and tarpaulin material withstands heavy use.
  • Dye-sublimation printing creates colorful, detailed characters.
  • Choose from several available sizes and order options.

Inflatable Tube Men are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Setting the right mood at your business or event is essential to creating a pleasant and memorable customer experience. It's important to advertise your gathering in a manner that creates interest. Our wacky waving inflatable tube men are colorful and dynamic to catch the eyes of potential attendees. They also help to create a fun and family-friendly atmosphere.

Our pirate inflatables are durable thanks to PVC and nylon construction. Tarpaulin material adds further strength while retaining flexible properties that allow the movement of the pirates. Tight weaves help to prevent runs and snags, protecting the fabric during operation outdoors.

Dye sublimation printing produces sharp, detailed graphics and gives these wacky waving inflatable tube men a distinct personality. Design touches such as a sword held in a sash, an eyepatch, and a mustache clearly stand out. The vivid colors also retain their brightness over time.

Customize your advertising inflatable men by choosing from a range of available sizes. You can get the graphics, the blower, or both. We allow you to add specific instructions and make needed modifications that fit your business.

Portable Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Men are Ready to Use

Our wacky inflatable tube men arrive fully sewn together in one piece and ready to put on display. Simply attach them to the blower unit, which also arrives fully assembled. Saving time on assembly helps to keep your operation efficient.

The motorized blowers include carrying handles, with some models even featuring swiveling casters. This convenient mobility allows for placing advertising inflatable men in almost any spot you choose. Lightweight fabric is also easy to fold and relocate.

Inflatable Tube Men are Easy to Install

Installing these pirate inflatables is quick and simple and only requires a power source. Set them up anywhere an outlet is within reach, whether it's at your store entrance or at a festival ticket booth. Once in place, just power on the blower.

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