Huge Sale Inflatable Tube Man Red with Yellow Arms

Huge Sale Inflatable Tube Man Red with Yellow Arms

  • PVC and nylon blend is both flexible and durable.
  • Choose a graphic, blower, or both.
  • Take the portable unit to any prime display spot.
  • Blowers and tube men require only minimal assembly.
  • Tube dancers are ready to use with pre-designed colors and text.

Attention-Getting Huge Sale Inflatable Tube Men

Inflatable Tube Men are Durable, Portable, and Customizable

When your business has a large sales event, it's a prime opportunity to move merchandise off the lot and make room for new stocks. Sales managers want to attract as many people as possible to maximize the chance of a profitable day. Red inflatable tube men create a distinctive visual display that's visible even at a distance, drawing in more potential customers from foot and vehicle traffic. This method continues to attract attention throughout the day, leaving your staff free to focus on your customers.

Built for outdoor display, the inflatable dancing men feature strong, rip-resistant material that stands up to the elements. Polyamide nylon silk combined with tarpaulin creates flexibility while the PVC and nylon bottom withstand rough surfaces. The sealed and waterproofed blowers are safe for outdoor operation.

Select purchase options that fit your needs, such as red inflatable tube men graphics only, the blower unit only or both together. Add your own graphics to the tube man for specialized displays. Give special instructions to tailor your order to fit your business requirement.

These huge sale signs and the accompanying blower motors are conveniently modular and portable, plugging in wherever a power source is available. Wheels and handles on the blowers make relocation quick and easy. Place them in parking lots in areas where there are little to no visual obstacles, giving them optimal visibility. You can also set up the tube dancers near entrance doors and will-call booths to greet visitors when they arrive.

Huge Sale Signs are Ready for Use and Easy to Install

Setting up the red inflatable tube men requires little assembly time. Simply attach them to the blower and then turn the blower on to start their constantly changing movement. The blower units are also simple to operate.

We embroidered the inflatable dancing men with ""Huge Sale"" in white block lettering that contrasts against the red background. Bright yellow arms complement the red of the body and further increase visibility. Black tassels serving as hair and fingers add further dynamic motion. All these features are present with no additional assembly or modification, so the dancing men are ready to use right out of the package.

Inflatable Tube Men are Simple to Maintain

Using the proper care instructions, cleaning and maintaining the huge sale signs is a simple process. Wash them in front-loading machines to remove the dust and pollen built up during outdoor display. Hand-washing is also a safe method that extends the life of the fabric.

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