Blowout Sale Inflatable Tube Man


Help your business grow in sales with Blowout Sale Inflatable Tube Man

Sales is equivalent to revenue. Businesses, regardless of their budget strength for marketing, are always looking for exclusive ways to draw the attention of new customers, which is crucial to get the sales graph to elevate. Welcome to, where you can take full advantage of our blowout sales inflatable tube man to help businesses achieve daily sales targets. Our red color blowout inflatable stands tall on the ground at the height of 20ft, creating a visual impact that is hard to miss for traffic coming from all directions. This height will prove helpful in attracting customers’ attention and with higher visibility, our inflatable promise more traffic. They are tall, lightweight and comes with an air blower with a diameter of 18 inches. This allows your inflatable to stand out from the rest of the crowd when inflated at its full capacity.

With strong potential for promoting sales events, our blowout sales inflatable will get your marketing practices to pay off by providing a unique way to advertise your brands and products. Rather than just an advertising medium, our inflatables have a substantial effect on the sales of a brand/product. From creating awareness to gaining the attention of customers, our inflatable can make your business look bigger in size while encouraging you to gain a competitive edge in the market. Showcase your products, brands and discounted offers in a stylish way to make customers approach your services.  The visual impact of our inflatable is so powerful and long-lasting, it will create an unrivaled brand identification for your business and a retail environment for sales growth.

The quality of sales inflatable depends on the thickness and quality of material used in its construction. Made up of high strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin, blowout sales inflatable from Bannerbuzz are high in quality, light in weight and can withstand extreme weather conditions, dust, UV rays, and pollution emission without compromising the beauty of its dazzling red color body. The added tarpaulin gives more strength and flexibility to the whole fabric, allowing the product to be inflated anytime you want without getting the fabric ripped off. The base material we use is also very sturdy and durable. The base is constructed with 600D pvc/nylon material for additional strength, which makes it tear-proof and water-resistant. A big “Grand Opening” letters are embroidered at the center of the inflatable by using quality-stitching techniques for longevity. We use dye-sublimation printing because it ensures the graphics will never lose its traditional red color, shine, or visual impact. They are machine washable with cold water and soap detergent powder. Use only a small amount of mild detergent to avoid fading of colors. Dry it by hanging the fabric. Do not use machine dryer.