Knight Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

Knight Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

  • PVC, nylon, and tarpaulin material is flexible and durable.
  • Dye-sublimation printing creates consistent color gradations.
  • Select from multiple size and blower options.
  • Unit requires only minimal assembly.
  • Blowers feature handles for convenient portability.

Family-Friendly Knight Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

Inflatable Tube Men are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Drawing visitors to your outdoor events requires a visual display that captures their attention and their interest. It further helps to increase and broaden appeal by signaling a family-friendly atmosphere. Mascot inflatables with fun, whimsical designs such as this knight, are well-suited to carnivals and themed venues such as mini-golf courses. They also help catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians, attracting them to your latest sales promotion.

PVC and nylon material makes these air tube men durable while still being flexible enough to move in the air gusts generated by the blower. The bottom features additional protection against rough surfaces for long-lasting and reliable performance. Sturdy blower construction stands up to weather and allows for outdoor use for extended periods.

The knight design of these wacky inflatable men is detailed, thanks to dye sublimation printing. Vivid and distinct lines and consistent color gradations mark out armor detailing, facial features, and even a sword worn at the character's side. Red tassels at the top form the crest of the helmet.

Our mascot inflatables come in a range of sizes, with shorter heights easy to see within a smaller facility and taller ones visible to those outside and more distant. Each size comes with its own type of blower model. Add specific instructions to meet unique requirements.

Wacky Inflatable Men are Ready to Use and Portable

Our air tube men arrive ready to put on display, and requires only minimal assembly. The blowers are also fully assembled, and just require a nearby power source. There's no need for any additional fabric, adhesive, or components.

When not filled with air, our mascot inflatables are foldable and lightweight fabric, making them easy to transport and put into storage between uses. Each of the blower units has side handles for convenient carrying. Certain models feature wheels for added ease in portability.

Inflatable Tube Men are Easy to Set Up

Setting up the wacky inflatable men is a quick and simple process. Just place blowers in an optimal display area either inside or outdoors, plug it in, and attach the fabric tubes. Turn on the blowers and then watch as the knights begin their attention-getting movements.

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