Lunch Special Inflatable Tube Man

Lunch Special Inflatable Tube Man

  • Durable materials offer longevity to the inflatables.
  • Customization options are available to match your needs.
  • A portable design makes it easy to use the tubes.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • We pre-print the tubes for your convenience.

Use Lunch Special Inflatable Tube Men to Draw Attention to Your Restaurant

Inflatable Tube Men are Durable, Customizable, and Portable

You should interact effectively with your customers to improve sales, increase foot traffic, and gain a competitive advantage. Apply innovative ideas and tactics to attract more customers. Use the dramatic motion of these inflatable tube men to draw attention and inform clients about the promotions you're carrying at your restaurant.

We produce the graphic material out of high-strength polyamide nylon silk reinforced with tarpaulin. The bottom portion is a 600D PVC material, which adds sturdiness. These materials provide longevity and durability to the tubes as they can withstand the elements, allowing you to deploy the lunch special signs outside with ease.

Customize the air dancers to match your needs with the different choices available. Depending on your requirements, you can order a graphic only, a blower, or both. Include explicit instructions to make the inflatables suitable for your marketing objectives.

Using lightweight materials ensures the blow-up advertising men are simple to deploy and reposition as per your needs. The ease of portability allows you to display the tubes wherever you want to capture people's attention.

Lunch Special Signs are Easy to Install and come Pre-Designed

Setting up the air dancers takes only a few minutes and allows you to go on with your day. We include setup instructions to ensure that you install the tubes properly to draw attention to your restaurant.

The blow-up advertising men come with an imprinted lunch special text to save you time and effort on designing. After installation, the inflatables are immediately ready for use.

Inflatable Tube Men are Simple to Maintain

Cleaning the lunch special signs requires using a front-loading washing machine, mild detergent, and cold water. You can hand wash the inflatables if you like. Regular care maintains your product in good condition to meet your needs.

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