Tiger Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

Tiger Inflatable Tube Man Mascot


Highly Durable & Customizable Tiger Tube Man Inflatable Mascot

  • Inflatable mascot made of high-strength polyamide nylon silk.
  • Non-rip nylon-based materials allow for high flexibility.
  • Added tarpaulin makes for a durable and rip-proof product.
  • Can be customized to suit your brand's theme.

Highly Durable and Customizable Tiger Inflatable Tubeman

An inflatable tubeman mascot is a tried and tested outdoor advertising tool. Inflatable tubeman mascots like the tiger inflatable mascot is an effective way to quickly grab attention towards your business. The use of the tiger inflatable tube man mascot is particularly useful in areas with high foot traffic and multiple stores competing for shoppers’ attention.

The product is made from highly durable materials, making it ideal for outdoor advertising in any kind of climate. The high-strength polyamide nylon silk fabric and tarpaulin ensure that it lasts you a long time, even in outdoor conditions.

The unique shape and cartoon image make the Tiger inflatable tubeman impossible to miss. Besides outdoor advertising, the inflatable tubeman can also be used for display outside birthdays, wedding venues, for announcing store openings, and more.

The tiger inflatable tubeman comes with the option of customization, allowing you to play around with fun graphics and words that fit your brand and advertising needs. You can get it in three different sizes with a graphic of your choice.

Easy to Wash & Rip-Proof Custom Inflatable Tubeman

The inflatable Tiger tube man mascot is easy to clean in a few, simple steps. Use a small amount of mild (non-bleach) detergent to wash, hang dry, and your inflatable tubeman is ready to go. The product can be both hand-washed (in cold water) or machine-washed in a front loading washing machine.

Another great feature of the inflatable tubeman is its super flexible body. The tarpaulin added to the product helps to add movement and also makes it rip-proof. The design is made for long-term use with minimal care.

Customizable Tiger Inflatable Tubeman

This inflatable tubeman can be customized to fit your brand's unique advertising needs. First, you can customize it in three sizes ranging from 6, 10, and 20 feet. Further, you can also choose to add a graphic and include a blower to set it up appropriately when advertising.

If your business needs several such inflatable tubemans, you can benefit from our bulk discounts. The more you buy, the more you save.