Halloween Custom Inflatable Tube Man

Halloween Custom Inflatable Tube Man

  • High-strength polyamide nylon silk provides rip-proof durability.
  • Dye-sublimation printing creates vibrant colors and sharp, high-resolution text and graphics.
  • Customize the size, hair, body, arms, and printed text to meet specific needs.
  • Order in bulk and receive a business-friendly discount.
  • Store and transport tube men with ease thanks to a lightweight, portable design.

Draw the Eyes of Potential Customers with Inflatable Tube Men

Inflatable Tube Men are Durable, Customizable, and High Quality

Business managers and coordinators of special outdoor events need advertising that reaches as far as possible, capturing the attention of potential customers in all directions. Planners and promoters also benefit from making their locations easier to find for those in adjacent areas. Custom inflatable tube men create a distinct visual impression and are highly visible even from a distance thanks to their large size. Placing a dancing tube man creates a beacon that draws interest and also promotes a light, casual, and fun atmosphere.

Our tube dancers comprise a durable, high-strength polyamide nylon silk with added reinforcement from tarpaulin material. This creates a combination of flexibility for a wide range of movement and sturdy rip and tear resistance. At the bottom is 600D PVC/nylon for a rugged and durable base that stands up to outdoor use.

Custom inflatable tube men undergo a dye-sublimation printing process that applies colors in a consistent, solid layer rather than using individual dots. Shades and hues vary in smooth gradations, and solid colors remain bold across the entire tube. Designs such as facial features are also clear and distinct, adding a sense of fun personality.

Customize tube men to serve as Halloween decor or another festive holiday or occasion to match the season of any outdoor event. Add specific text to promote products, services, or sales and specials. Other options include the color of individual segments of the tube men, such as the arms, hair, and body. Select from three available sizes to achieve the needed degree of visibility from a distance. Order just tube men or add regular or weather-resistant air blowers to keep tubes moving and dancing.

Custom Inflatable Tube Men are Portable and Available in Bulk

Businesses managing multiple properties or regularly occurring outdoor events have the benefit of ordering inflatable tube men in bulk. Large orders qualify for discounts that increase in percentage with successively larger quantities, helping marketing managers promote their enterprise while staying on budget.

Lightweight blowers and fabric, as well as a modular design, make placing tube dancers a convenient and easy process. When not inflated, the fabric tubes collapse to take up less space during transport and while in storage. Storing tube men between uses helps them last longer, maximizing utility and return on investment.

Inflatable Tube Men are Easy to Care For and Maintain

Custom inflatable tube men are mostly outdoors and require periodic cleaning and care. Simply place in a front loading washing machine with mild detergent and then air out to dry for the next use. Regular cleaning also helps the colors stay bright and vibrant.

Capture the Attention of Potential Customers From All Directions with Tube Dancers

Durable and colorful tube men add a whimsical touch to outdoor business spaces and events while drawing in customers from a distance.

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