Inflatable Tube Man 9" Weather Resistant Blower (For 6ft)

Inflatable Tube Man 9" Weather Resistant Blower (For 6ft)


Powerful Air Flow from Weather-Resistant Blowers

  • Durable, weather-resistant construction allows outdoor use.
  • Compact, portable design includes attached handles.
  • Personalize these air blowers to meet unique needs.
  • The units are easy to set up for rapid placement.
  • Our air blowers fit a wide range of tube dancers.

Inflatable Tube Man Blowers are Durable, Portable, and Personalizable

When you have dancing tube men promoting your business or special event, they require specialized equipment to keep them moving in their distinctive manner. Our inflatable tube man blowers create a steady stream of upward-moving air that causes tube men to move back and forth, waving their heads and arms. Many other convenient features make the machines ones that your business can depend on.

Our air dancer blowers are sturdy and durable to give you long-lasting performance. Fully enclosed 1/4HP motors create strong air flow that keeps dancing tube mascots moving. Weather-resistant construction allows for outdoor use in various conditions and a square base creates stability.

Thanks to their compact size, our air dancer blowers are conveniently portable. The 9-inch dimensions also make them easy to store without taking up a lot of space. Handles on the side allow for safe lifting and carrying so you can transport the air blowers to their designated spots.

Make these wavy man blowers your own with personalization options. Use our Specific Instructions section to describe unique needs and preferences. Add details to the blowers that match the tube men or your brand image for more cohesive marketing.

Air Dancer Blowers offer Individualization and are Easy to Install

A modular design provides time saving set-up. Our dancing man air blowers arrive fully assembled and ready for attachment to a tube mascot. They require no additional equipment and can sit and operate anywhere with an available electrical outlet.

Individualize these air dancer blowers with the addition of your preferred tube men mascots. They are compatible with tube dancers in multiple sizes and designs. Utilize the blowers and dancing tube men (available separately) to advertise grand-opening events, sales, and festivals.

Inflatable Tube Man Dancers are Easy to Order

Getting the wavy man blowers you need for your business is simple with our convenient online ordering process. Choose the quantity and shipping option that works for you. We provide several choices for small and large business marketing budgets, including speedy doorstep delivery.

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