Halloween Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man

Halloween Skeleton Inflatable Tube Man

  • Halloween tube man made of durable nylon material.
  • Dye sublimation printing displays high-resolution graphics that do not fade.
  • Available with your choice of two blowers.
  • Can be set up on site within minutes.
  • Allows for easy transportation or storage when needed.

Add a Spooky Presence to Your Property with Skeleton Inflatable Tube Men

Halloween Inflatable Tube Men are Customizable, High Quality, and Durable

Home and business owners that are passionate about the Halloween season would like to decorate their properties to attract guests. The inflatable tube guy is a decoration that draws attention by moving about via a powerful wind blower. With its tall presence, this decoration can be seen from great distances away.

Our Halloween inflatable skeletons come in polyamide nylon silk with tarpaulin and 600D PVC/nylon at the base. The two layers ensure longevity and durability against the constant force of air required. The tube man withstands the elements, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The Halloween tube man undergoes dye sublimation printing. This inflatable features images of white bones on a black background for high contrast. The graphics are high-quality and sharp so that passersby can recognize what's on the inflatable body from far away. This skeletal color scheme lasts a long time and maintains a spooky theme when in use.

Choose between a 10- or 20-foot Halloween inflatable tube man, depending on your budget, space, and preferences. Opt for a regular blower, a weather-resistant blower, or no blower. The weather-resistant blower ensures the tube man continues to animate even during inclement weather.

Probability and Easy Assembly with Halloween Inflatable Skeletons

The Halloween tube man is pre-printed on nylon and ready to use out of the box. Simply connect the tubing to either your own blower or the one included and connect the blower to a power source to start using. This makes it an easy decoration to set up without manual inflation.

This inflatable tube guy is lightweight and portable when deflated. It's easy to fold up, carry, and store when you need to put it away. Store it after Halloween and save it for the coming years for a solid return on investment.

Halloween Inflatable Tube Men are Bulk-Order Eligible

Halloween tube men can potentially save business owners' money should you want to order large quantities of up to 100 or more. Whether you have multiple locations or want to design an elaborate Halloween scene, be sure to include as many tube men as you need in one order and get bulk discounts.

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