Barber Pole (Red, White, Blue) Inflatable Tube


Durable Multicolor Barber Pole Tube Made of Polyamide Nylon Silk

The barber pole tubes are an attractive way to grab hold the attention of potential customers. Even though the use of banners is commonplace, the usage of barber pole tubes painted in eye-catching colors- red, blue, and white aid in enhancing visibility and promoting business multifold. Those who cannot readily grasp textual content can easily spot a barber tube from a distance and can avail the required services.

Our barber pole tube is manufactured using superior quality material to make the product last longer and withstand the test of time. We use highly strong and tensile 600D Nylon or PVC to construct the pole of the barber tube. While Nylon is the tougher material between the two, PVC is chemical resistant and can comfortably withstand UV exposure.

These can withstand harsh outdoor elements without deteriorating. The PVC variant makes the pole tube resistant to weathering and increases its shelf-life. It also makes our product lightweight. Nylon makes it abrasion-resistant and has high tensile strength. The physical and chemical characteristics of these materials make the barber pole tubes extremely durable.

The graphics of the barber pole tube feature polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin. The tear & abrasion-resistant fabric doesn't crease and remains wrinkle-free. It doesn't even fade over time as it can withstand UV exposure. It also retains its shape and is colorfast.

Barber Pole Tubes Feature Dye-sublimation Prints for Lasting Impact

The vivid and vibrant red, blue and white colors make the barber poles the perfect promotional accessories for they are strikingly visible from a distance. But what makes these vibrant hues lustrous and appealing even over time is the use of dye-sublimation printing technique. The Dye-sublimation printing process ensures the colors remain vibrant and attractive even after multiple uses and do not fade or crack in the long run.

Our multicolor barber pole tubes require minimal maintenance. These can be simply washed or cleaned with cold water and mild detergent without bleach to avoid discoloration or fading.

Barber Pole Tube is Available in Two Different Sizes

Our barber tubes are available in two different sizes suiting different businesses ranging from barbershops, beauty salons, and more. These are available in two height options of 10 ft and 20 ft. To ensure the desired height of the barber pole tube, we recommend you add a blower along with the inflatable and follow the step-by-step setup instructions given on our website.