Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower (For 14ft / 20ft)


Enhance Your Advertising with Our High-Performance Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower

Attract attention and boost your outdoor advertising with our top-of-the-line Inflatable Tube Man Blowers. These durable and lightweight blowers are the perfect companion for your 14ft or 20ft Inflatable Tube Man, ensuring they dance and wave effectively, drawing in crowds and increasing visibility for your business.

Crafted with weather resistance in mind, our blowers are built to withstand various environmental conditions, making them ideal for year-round use. With a 1hp fully enclosed motor and a robust IP Rating of 44, these blowers ensure your inflatable tube men stay operational, no matter the weather. The 5000 Cubic Feet Per Minute airflow, powered by a 110v/60hz electrical system with 6.2 Amps running, guarantees a consistent and lively performance.

Installation is a breeze with these 18 Inch Blowers, designed for simplicity and efficiency. Get your advertising inflatable up and running swiftly, with minimal effort. The locking roller wheels add an extra layer of convenience, allowing for easy transportation and positioning to maximize exposure and reach.

Versatile Speed Settings and Enhanced Safety for Effective Inflatable Advertising

Choose between two speeds, high and low, to suit your specific advertising needs. Whether it's a gentle wave or a more vigorous dance, our Tube Man Blower adapts to your campaign's requirements, ensuring your inflatable advertising stands out.

Safety is paramount, which is why our blowers come equipped with a waterproof switch housing. This feature not only adds to the weather-resistant capabilities but also ensures safe operation in all conditions.

Seamless Purchase and Customization for Your Business: Elevate Visibility with Our Inflatable Tube Man Blower

Acquiring your commercial inflatable blower is straightforward with our easy ordering process. Customization options are available to tailor the blower to your unique business needs. Whether it's for a trade show, outdoor event, or storefront, our blowers are versatile and adaptable.

Choose our Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower for your 14ft / 20ft models and witness a significant boost in your business's visibility and appeal. Shop now and transform your advertising strategy with efficiency, durability, and style.