Red, White, Blue Inflatable Tube Man

Red, White, Blue Inflatable Tube Man

  • Available in 3 different colors, Red, White and Blue
  • High-strength polyamide nylon w/ added tarpaulin
  • The bottom of inflatable tube man is made up of 600D PVC/Nylon
  • Dye-sublimation printing
  • Available in various sizes including 6ft tall, 10ft tall and 20ft giant
  • Air blowers with diameters of 12 and 18 inches

Hilarious advertising with Red, white, Blue Inflatable Tube Man

Inflatables aren’t just for backyard play rentals anymore. For successful advertising of your business, you will need it more than ever before to draw public attention with a set of specific colors for inflatable tube man. Red, White, Blue inflatable tube man are some of the most popular colors you may choose for your inflatables to attract pedestrian traffic. We, at Bannerbuzz, provide inflatables in various sizes ranging from 6ft human-size inflatables to 10ft and 20ft giants. One of the most notable features of taller inflatables is that people from all directions can see it from a great distance without having their view blocked by residences, shops, or vehicles. They will know your exact location in a single glance. The factors that make up a successful inflatable advertisement are determined by the selection of colors. You can choose any color for your inflatable or you can choose all three of them. They dance, tilt, and wave to customers to make a show.   

Red white and blue are all primary colors that cannot be created by mixing other colors, so they have a better visibility ratio and tendency to catch the eyes of viewers in day or night. Our inflatable comprises high-quality fabric, which makes it resistant to water, stormy weather, dust, pollution, and UV radiation. We use high-strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin to make your inflatables indestructible, durable, offering you an ideal solution for outdoor advertising. The added tarpaulin makes it flexible so your inflatable can last for years to come, offering you more flexible rip-proof product. The lower section of inflatables are constructed with 600D PVC/Nylon, and dye-sublimation printing of graphics give it a more glowing effect, especially in the daylight because it works on the principle of infusing colored ink directly into the fabric, so graphics and colors may never fade due to long term exposure to sunlight. However, actual colors may vary from the images shown to you on the website

When they are inflated by using air blowers, they tilt left and right, up and down, around and back, rebelliously boogying at road traffic near gas stations, retail stores, strip malls and outside cell phone shops. Wild-eyed and swinging arms of inflatable tube man prompts customers to visit your shop and have a lucky day. One of the main advantages of inflatable tube man is that they can be easily stored in a small place when not inflated, since inflatables depend on the presence of air to preserve their shape and size. Powered by an electric fan air blower, it is easy to set up and remove your inflatables. We provide 3 types of air blowers with diameters of 9, 12, and 18 inches respectively.