Wood Chalkboard

Wood Chalkboard

  • Chalkboard signs are durable and suitable for outdoor use.
  • Simple to carry and move, so you can reposition as needed.
  • Made from recyclable materials, our signs are eco-friendly.
  • Easy care saves you time and effort.
  • Our chalkboards are versatile for effective communication in various settings.

Communicate a Variety of Messages with Chalkboard Signs

Wood Chalkboards are Durable, Portable, and Simple to Alter

Your business may need to communicate ever-changing information to customers or employees. Our chalkboard signs offer an easy way to create highly visible messages that can be changed quickly. The signs are ideal for restaurants, delis, fitness studios, small retail stores, and much more.

Our A-frame chalkboards are made of wood that is heat- and weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. The stability and durability of the signs provide longevity to ensure you get plenty of use out of the boards when you need to tell customers about retail deals, specials on your restaurant's menu, or the new time of a fitness class.

Lightweight construction makes the signs easy to put into place and move when needed. You can lift the wood chalkboards by the sides, allowing you to easily relocate the signs to make the most impact for your business. The signs are foldable, making them compact for storage when not in use.

The chalkboard signs make it easy to write and alter important communications, allowing your businesses to quickly and conveniently impart information. This makes it a simple matter to change promo messages daily. When you change messaging frequently, customers become more engaged when checking for new information.

Chalkboard Sidewalk Signs are Eco-Friendly and Easy Care

The materials used to build our A-frame chalkboards are reusable, recyclable, and recoverable, as well as biodegradable, making the product eco-friendly. Since the signs are environmentally sound, they are a sustainable tool for eco-conscious businesses.

The chalkboard sidewalk signs from BannerBuzz are easy to clean and maintain with minimal time or effort, so your staff can focus more on being productive during working hours.

Bulk Discounts are Available on Our Wood Chalkboards

When you place a bulk order of at least two of our chalkboard signs, you will receive a budget-friendly discount. With discounts available on bulk orders of as many as 100 or more signs, large and small businesses can save money and optimize their marketing expenditure.

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