Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays

Wall Box Fabric Displays


Customize Your Wall Box Displays To Your Liking And Spread The Word!

  • Excellent choice for trade shows or events
  • Portable transport and easy set up
  • Available in various sizes

Introducing a brand new way to market your business and build your image ... our new wall display box!

It's huge in size, so it is really effective!

  • A custom fabric display box for walls is one of the most convenient means that you can use for the marketing of your business!
  • This marketing tool is so big, and conveys your message effectively. It sure will give you the attention that you deserve, regardless of where you set it up.
  • Place our fabric signs and wall box displays right outside your office, at a retail space, tradeshow, mall or anywhere else that you like.
  • You can get any design and message printed on the front side, the back side and end caps.
  • We use high quality ink and processes to print the design on these displays. This makes them a durable marketing tool, which you can use for several seasons.

Plus, it's convenient and portable

  • Our wall box fabric displays and signs may be big, but it is so simple to install. And that too without any tool.
  • Push the snap locks, and the tubes will connect together to take the form of a massive display medium. You can either use the tension fabric display vertically, similar to a tower, or horizontally like a banner.
  • The entire frame is covered by polyester fabric, and zips up at the top. The final look is seamless and impressive.
  • Our wallbox fabric display units are available in nine different sizes to choose from.
  • Browse our collection and place an order for a tension fabric display box today!
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