Photo Magnets

Photo Magnets


Customize the size and stick on any metal surface.

  • Custom sizes available in Portrait or landscape
  • Sticks to any metal surface (Dishwasher, refrigerator, school locker, file cabinet etc)
  • Non-messy and easily removable
  • Variety of sizes
  • High-quality printing
  • Round edges

Your Refrigerator Is Meant To Look Appealing

Refrigerators today are far beyond what they were during their early days. It is now an article of beauty that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is why you should decorate it with these photo magnets. Instead of using meaningless designs and numbers, you can actually print your most precious pictures with your partner and place them onto the fridge.

This way, not only will you be adding to the aesthetic appeal of your house, but it will also work as a reminder of the beautiful moments you have had together. The exquisite printing quality further adds to the appeal of this photo magnet, making it just the perfect alternative for your fridge.

Show Your Creativity with These Magnets

To make things look even more enticing, you can be creative with these photo magnets. Have the best pictures printed on the magnets in different sizes and make a collage. You can use any picture from your cell-phone or social media and turn it into a photo magnet.

These magnets are available in different sizes. What makes them look captivating is the beautiful finish. You can play with the magnets by making a family tree on your fridge or even celebrating a certain event you had with your family. Having those memories right in front of your eyes the entire time will allow you to cherish them day in and day out.