Nylon Rope

Nylon Rope


Installing with the use of Nylon Rope

  • Pass one length of the rope through all the grommets on the upper edge and the other length through all the grommets on the lower edge.
  • Tie the knot at the each corner to prevent it from sliding inward.
  • Tie the banner ropes to the poles or posts.

Helping signage stand out in a crowd is our specialty at BannerBuzz, which is one of the reasons why we are considered leading banner providers. All of our banners come equipped with nylon banner rope and the banners are double stitched with them across their entire length. Reinforced eyelet stitching and brass eyelets are punched through the material to accommodate our nylon rope for sale. Since we use a hydraulic press to perforate the banner rope and stitch it shut, the banners remain steadfast in the face of strong winds and thus a longer life. Our nylon rope for sale can also be ordered with your banners and signage.