Sneaky tips for hiding scratches on your car

Broom…Broom….here comes a new car! As much of a pleasure and pride it is to drive and own one taking care of it is just about equal pain. Remember that first scratch or a dent on it and you couldn’t sleep over? It hurts, hurts really bad when you live with it daily. Well these are the joys and stings of nurturing a vehicle. Many a times easy and quick fixes help a long way to cover up small or maybe even deeper scratches and dents without burning a hole in your pocket. Listing just a few of such fixes here with a hope to help.

  • Give a fresh sporty look and feel to your car using a custom wrap removable coating. By customizing your wheels or adding a racing stripe you can pretty much revamp the look and feel of your car. What more, it goes well with of course the factory painted finishes, metal, chrome, aluminum and plastic.

Car Decals  Stickers (Opaque)

  • If you happen to be a small business owner an easy and quick fix would be to have a car magnet made for your company that serves you for a dual purpose. This way you can easily cover up dents and scratches and hola! there you go – marketing for your firm as well!! But if you are not a business owner maybe you could keep an eye out for opportunities where they need people marketing for certain businesses. All you would have to do is have a magnetic sign on your car for them and they pay you for helping them reach masses.

Car Decals  Stickers (Clear)

  • Bring out the creativity in you and get a custom car graphics printed that suits your personality and taste. This would be a fun way to play around with scratches and dents plus its funky. You could also go for vehicle lettering. At bannerbuzz, they make lettering that does not fade easily with extreme weather conditions. Yet another way to market your firm.
  • Shhh… secret tip that works is using wax crayons followed by clear acquer or polish. Works in most of the cases with not so deep scratches.
  • There are a variety of pens available in the market. A clear lacquer pen, something called a magic pen (not sure if the magic works) but they are supposed to work for most of the major colored car paints. And how to forget our old and tested sharpies. If you can match one with the shade of your car sure go ahead and follow it with a polish.

Car Decals  Stickers (Reflective)

  • The tried and tested old school T-cut method along with a polish.
  • When it comes to driving swanky cars, why settle for less when there are a dozen ideas to make up scratches and dents? After all who wants to move around with them any way!!
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