Car Decals / Stickers (Opaque)


Opaque Car Decals & Stickers Made of 100 Micron White Monomeric Vinyl

When it comes to brand promotion in a competitive market, innovative marketing strategies play an essential role. They help to increase the brand’s visibility and achieve desired results. While brands adopt several strategies for this purpose, they often overlook the potential of using decals and stickers as effective marketing resources. Opaque car decals & stickers serve as practical tools to draw the attention of the targeted audience.

Our car decals & stickers are made of high-quality 100-micron white monomeric vinyl. The monomeric vinyl used for this purpose is highly durable. These decals come with a material thickness of 250 microns. They result in the superior quality of the decals that last for a long time.

The vehicle decals are printed in full color using eco-solvent or latex print technology. The printing is done with 720DPI. The decals feature white gloss front and back. The surface gloss is 70 Min. These factors ensure that the decals make a statement as the vehicle drives by and sport an attractive finish.

The opaque car decals & stickers have a graphic weight of 130 GSM. This keeps them lightweight while ensuring that they are heavy enough to be prominently visible.

Customizable Car Decals & Stickers For Effective Advertising

These vehicle decals have a shelf life of 6 months for the printed surface. This allows them to stay as good as new for a long time and enables you to advertise your message better.

Our opaque car decals & stickers are available in five different sizes, from 6'' x 6'' to 24'' x 36''. They can also be printed in custom sizes to meet different advertising signage needs.

Our Vehicle Decal is Simple To Apply

Our opaque car stickers and decals are very easy to apply. They have pre-adhesive back surfaces to make the process simple. They also come with a squeegee tool that helps you stick them onto your vehicle without a problem.