Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle Lettering


Use Vinyl Vehicle Lettering To Get Your Phone Number, Website, Company Logo Or Any Contact Information On The Vehicle

  • Safe For Car Body - Won't Damage Paint.
  • Durable-Glossy Adhesive Vinyl
  • Both regular cut Top of the surface application. & reversed cut Behind the glass application(for inside glass application). available

Vehicle Lettering is a live moving advertisement for your business. Use Vinyl Vehicle Lettering to get your phone number, website, company logo, or any contact information on the vehicle. Vehicle Lettering can be used on all vehicles like buses, vans, trucks, cars. Vehicle lettering turns the boring waiting in jams or long hours parking or simply moving vehicles into a business advertising opportunity. Appropriate and strategic design of vehicle lettering helps in enhancing your business in the most cost-effective way. If you do not have a print-ready design, BannerBuzz designers can help you in designing the most appropriate design of Vehicle Lettering according to your vehicle size and lettering specifications.

Vehicle lettering does not spoil the paint of the car while taking it off if you follow the removal instructions properly. Also, as vehicle lettering is Done in Vinyl, it can be easily cleaned without affecting the colors in any way. So use your vehicle as your billboard and see how it enhances your business. We also provide lettering for fleet vehicles.

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Vehicle Lettering: Frequently Asked Questions

What is vehicle lettering? 

Vehicle lettering is graphics cut in the form of letters or numbers from a solid colored vinyl sheet. These are pre-spaced and self-adhesive letters, numbers, or graphics that are designed for vehicle windows/body. It is also referred to as car lettering or truck lettering because it can be installed on cars, trucks, or any other commercial vehicles. 

Can vinyl lettering be used for Commercial truck signs?

Yes, vinyl lettering works great as commercial truck signs because you can custom design them in your choice of font, style, size, color, and graphics. Plus, this lettering is specially designed to withstand various external elements such as wind, water, moisture, etc. So, you can install it on your commercial trucks or any other commercial vehicle for long-lasting advertising. 

Where can I find custom vinyl lettering and graphics near me?

You can find custom vinyl lettering and graphics right here at BannerBuzz. We’ve got your back with hundreds of free to use vehicle lettering design templates, easy customization process, quality and best price guarantee. Kickstart your graphics using any of our graphic templates or start from scratch using our online design tool. It will take you minutes to customize, design, and order your lettering.

What are the best truck lettering fonts?

We have professionally designed templates that can help you create the perfect truck or van lettering without having to worry about which fonts to choose manually. These templates are pre-designed with truck lettering fonts that will result in clean and professional-looking advertising signs. Plus, the choice of so many templates allows you to select whichever font or style suits your business best.

Is vehicle lettering printed or cut?

Lettering is cut, not printed. Any truck, van, or car lettering is cut from a sheet of solid-colored vinyl. It is more often available in a single color. However, here at BannerBuzz, we offer multi-color vehicle vinyl lettering too. Based on the color/s you choose, the letters/numbers are cut to exact shape from colored LG LC-2000 Series Monomeric Opaque Vinyl (adhesive). No printing is involved in this process.

How do I install lettering on my vehicle?

To check the step-by-step installation instructions, please check the ‘How to set-up’ tab above. With step by step instructions and images of the installation, you will be able to install it effortlessly on your vehicle without any professional help.

Should I opt for vehicle lettering or vehicle decals if I want to display my graphics using multiple colors?

Though lettering can also be designed using multiple colors. But if your vehicle display graphics use a lot of colors, it’s better to opt for the decals instead of lettering. This will allow you to incorporate as many colors as you want in your truck or car sign. It will also give you the freedom to add different variations in terms of design.