National Entrepreneurs Day: How Entrepreneurs are Using Creativity in Marketing Efforts

Everyone is talking about the effects of, shall we say, a rather unusual 2020 and how it’s forcing businesses to change their marketing efforts. While safety remains a priority for everyone, small businesses need to reassess their marketing plans for 2021. In so doing, taking advantage of changes in marketplace interactions can be the difference between a continual decline and a robust recovery.

Business Cards Are Still Relevant

In the age of the internet and less personal greetings, we’ve moved towards introductions online. Somehow, the business card has somehow survived, and many compare it to a great first impression. But they too have to be perfect, and much like a first impression, they should look their best. What size are business cards, where can I buy business cards, or how the differences in materials can catch someone’s eye – these are questions best answered by hiring a designer can help you out. 

Business cards can act as an extension of your personality. That’s something that tends to get lost in translation once you hit send, no matter how hard you tried to craft the perfect email.

Enter Innovation

Now, how do we deliver our personalities when tradeshows, face-to-face interactions, and in-person networking events are on pause?

Companies have been sending gifts for the holidays to clients and prospective clients for years. This year calls for a different kind of gift: compassion. Handwritten greeting cards may seem like an archaic form of communication in 2020, but this year they hold more weight. They offer a more personal greeting from the heart. Write a message of support, add in your services on a greeting card, and nestle in your business card in between the pages. It’s not flashy, but it will help you stand out in a much less crowded mailbox. 

A Noticeable Mask In The Crowd

A mask is the world’s latest accessory. Before this year that would have seemed impossible, but now here we are. Businesses are finding that putting their logo on a mask is a new avenue for extending their marketing reach. It inherently aligns your brand with safety and allows for your brand message to get out there. All it takes is people wearing your branded masks to amplify your message.

Carve a Place in the Virtual Space 

First and foremost, your social media should support your campaigns and engage your customer base. Online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years and this year it is expected to reach $198.73B this holiday season according to That’s up a full 43% from 2019’s $138.65B. 

Add in more virtual elements to your online services as well by using video solutions. For example, if you own a home goods store, maybe you create videos of DIY crafts or decoration tutorials and build in a subscription-based service for your business. You can even do Zoom How-To classes.

Marketing on the Move

An affordable alternative to big-budget marketing is using car decals to attract potential customers. Some businesses, especially those in their infancy, aren’t operating out of office space, so car decals act as mobile signage advertisements and can have a similar effect as your welcoming sign. It’s super simple to learn how to put decals on car windows. Most sellers will include directions with your purchase or you can watch a short YouTube tutorial. Decals attract attention and provide a positive image for your business. 

The Rise Of New Entrepreneurs 

With the uncertainty in the air, people who’ve been laid off have taken to starting their own business as a way to turn lemons into lemonade. They’re finding that with the technology at their fingerprints it’s not only remotely possible but might actually turn into a new, lucrative career. In fact, Forbes recently reported that business applications were up 40% compared to this time last year. 

Maybe this pandemic has caused you to reevaluate your career choice and discover or rediscover your passion. After finding your niche and utilizing the tools at your disposal like social media and virtual conferences, it could be time to consider things like branding, website development, and starting a marketing plan. 

Refocus & Refresh

Ask yourself: is it time to pivot?  Some businesses are finding themselves branching out into different industries in order to accommodate the changing market. It may be easier for some than others, but it’s not the only way to get your sales back up. Focus on the areas where a refresh is necessary; it may be time to update that old website to make it more user-friendly or add in new features like e-commerce platforms that have become part of your business. Most crucial is to not try and wait it out. Success comes from turning what looks like a negative event into a positive. Get creative. Tap into your expertise and brainstorm new, exciting solutions for generating revenue. 

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