Face Facts: Unlimited Creative Opportunities Presented by Face Masks

Face Mask

The face mask is here to stay. While the experts can’t agree on an exact timeframe, it’s abundantly clear that it is the latest addition to the fabric of society. 

According to an editorial published in July by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), CDC Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield stated that, in addition to it being our duty and responsibility to protect ourselves, families, and communities, “We are not defenseless against COVID-19… Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus – particularly when used universally within a community setting.” 

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

No business has been immune to the impact of COVID-19. With most public places and workplaces requiring masks for both employees and customers, being a unique face in the crowd and engaging your customer base has become increasingly more difficult. With the traditional means of advertising and marketing in flux, a custom face mask provides your business with brand new marketing opportunities.

In accordance with this year of pivots and changes, innovative businesses are finding ways to get the most out of their branding through the creative use of custom branded face masks. By incorporating them into their marketing strategies, they’re hitting two key branding notes at once: clever or interesting graphics that create a memorable touchpoint and establishing themselves as health and community conscious.

Lego My Eggo

We all remember that clever marketing slogan from Kelloggs: L’eggo My Eggo. It was ubiquitous when it arrived and has had massive staying power. Now imagine you put the creative minds at your business to work. 

Add your logo and a clever branding message to your custom face masks and you’ve created the new age version of the T-shirt. It’s a no-brainer. Have a contest with a cash or gift card prize to the winning tagline and promote your employee on your website. If you make it a big deal, you’ll tap into their enthusiasm and creativity.

Free Branding

Face Mask packaging

Since custom face masks demonstrate your commitment to safety while creating an unforgettable message, consider giving away a free mask with every minimum purchase either in-store or online. Sell packs of them both in-store and online. 

Implementing marketing strategies like these around your custom face masks can maximize your reach and act as a brand extension. It puts your name on faces and your brand top of mind. And just like with T-shirts, your customers essentially become your brand ambassadors. 

Two Birds, One Mask

The ingenuity and clever streak of small business owners are boundless. Because of that, we’re seeing them create unique marketing opportunities with masks left and right. For instance, some restaurants and bars have utilized customized masks to convey daily specials and other specialty items available at their establishments. 

Another unlikely use centered around customizable masks is using them as a comical respite or act as conversation starters for the brand. Printing sayings, questions, or quotations on your staff masks is a great way to engage customers before your staff has even spoken to them.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, new, and exciting! For example, brands are reimagining their promotions to incentivize customers to wear their customizable masks. Imagine customers being able to receive discounts for wearing an establishment’s mask. Better still, ramp up your social media presence and offer rewards and/or discounts for patrons posting on social media a photo wearing your mask and tagging your social handles. 

The end goal of advertising and marketing campaigns is word of mouth, and a custom face mask can fulfill that goal by providing your brand message without the customers having to open theirs. 

Mask Information

It’s true that all masks are not the same, but not all masks are practical for everyone. Some employees when forced to provide their own mask can’t always meet the requirements set by the CDC. Providing masks for them as part of their uniform is a great tool for team building and a way to enhance staff camaraderie.
The CDC recommends masks with two layers for optimal protection if you don’t have access to surgical-grade masks. So look for custom face masks that use a multi-layered design and are made with breathable polyester and cotton, which make them comfortable and safe for everyday use. 

You may also consider offering disposable masks for your customers’ convenience. They’re obviously cheaper than custom masks but serve the purpose of both protecting staff and customers alike while building positive brand interaction. 

Reusable and Washable

An often-overlooked preventive measure of mask-wearing is making sure your mask is always clean. The CDC recommends washing your mask daily, as a precaution to keep the virus at bay. A reusable and washable mask can provide you with a clean mask every day!

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