5 Sales Tips Ever Car Dealer Should Know 

Selling cars is not a job for everyone. Not only do you have to be an excellent salesperson, but you also have to be the kind of person who people feel they can trust in an industry that-let’s face it-doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to trust. This is especially true if you’re in the used car business. That being said, there will always be a market for cars, both new and used. If you’re in the business of selling cars, here are a few tips to keep in your back pocket. 

1 – Your Customers Want to Buy a Car – Your Job is to Sell Them a Reason 

No one visits a car dealership just to browse and waste time. They go to a car dealer because they want to buy a car, and probably sooner than later. So you don’t need to convince anyone to buy a car, but rather make them feel they are making the right decision about the car they’re considering buying. Buying a vehicle, used or new, is a big decision, and a financial commitment that people take very seriously. It’s your job to answer their questions, meet their needs, calm their concerns and instill a sense of confidence that they are making a good buy and getting a great car they’ll be happy with. If you can do this for them, and show them a reason to buy from you and not the other guy, you’re an excellent salesman or saleswoman. 

2 – Know When to Talk and When to Listen 

This is an art form. Knowing when to talk about the car, about what you can do for the customer, and how are important. You need to be confident with your words and message, and convince them they can trust you, that they’re getting a good deal, and that you know what you’re talking about. But just as important as knowing when to say nothing at all. Remember to let the customer do most of the talking so you can really listen and understand what it is they’re looking for, and what might be holding them back from signing a sales contract. Are their concerns mostly financial? Are they more worried about safety, or other mechanical issues? Do they have doubts about whether to lease or buy? Are they concerned the car will not be right for their family in a few years? All of these are things you need to be aware of, so make a mental note and then address each and every concern. But first, listen. 

3- Know Your Car Game and Inventory 

This should be obvious but you’d be surprised how many car dealers don’t actually know all that much about cars! And they often don’t know exactly what they have in their inventory. This is going to instill doubt in the buyer. No one wants to make a major purchase from someone who clearly doesn’t know what s/he’s talking about, so make sure you know the ins and outs of every car on your lot, and what’s available and what’s coming in soon. It also helps to brush up on general car knowledge, not just the ones you’re selling. Sometimes making a comment about the advantage of the model you’re offering vs another brand can help push a buyer to make a decision. Know which brands are your main competition and do your homework. 

4 –  Offer More Than Just a Car 

Yes, the car is the product you’re selling, but when it comes to big purchases, all businesses have to offer the buyer something extra to make them feel secure  With cars, you need to make them feel they have bought from a trustworthy place, that they got a great deal, and that you’re there for them after the deal closes. Make your dealership the place they’ll come back to for their service needs by offering a free oil change or several. Offer to pick up their car and return it to their home when it needs service. Throw in an extra bell or whistle with their deal. It doesn’t have to be much – any upgrade you can give will go a long way in overall customer satisfaction because people love to feel like they got a deal. So give them one! Chances are, they’ll tell their friends and bring you more sales. 

5 – Use Professional, Current  Marketing Tools 

Don’t fall behind on your marketing and advertising game. If you run a car dealership, advertising it effectively is essential, and you want to make sure people near you and in the general region know you’re there, and that you’re the place to go for their next car. Make connections with local TV and radio stations and find out their advertising rates. Up your signage and banners game with custom printed banners and flags that make your car lot look professional, not gimmicky. When you have sales and promotions, check out some creative advertising tools like the inflatable tube man to stand out and add an element of fun while still retaining a professional image. And finally, don’t forget about Google! Make sure your business listing is up to date so when people search for “best-used car dealers near me” you’re the first one on the list. 

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