Online Marketing: Keys to Expanding Your Digital Presence in 2021

The advent of the internet has brought an entirely new world for customer communications right to our fingertips. Finding ways to connect with a large online customer base is imperative for businesses, especially now as in-person customer service has slowed considerably – or even stopped in some cases. 

Moving your business at least partially online may seem a little daunting, but a plethora of affordable resources are available to help. You’ll find that with these tools, even a novice can become an expert pretty quickly at expanding their digital presence and creating opportunities for new customer acquisition. 

A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing will always be a multipronged approach. That’s why there is still a need for in-store, direct marketing materials, and digital marketing. In fact, direct marketing materials are even more important now as more people are both working from home and spending free time at home. Direct mail is now being opened more and has regained some of its footholds.

Traditional marketing’s role has changed with the times as well. Signs and banners are still very important tools for driving revenue. You can add 4.75% to your yearly revenue simply by adding one sign. 

Better still, both of these “old school” marketing avenues can provide vital digital information to your customers as well. Simply add your URL to every piece of marketing collateral. With just that one simple tweak you are creating new lines of communication by redirecting customers to your website.


The easiest and most affordable way to gain new customers is through social media platforms. Per Business News Daily, as of Oct. 2, 2020, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users. That’s a massive market to tap into. But you can’t do it without a plan.

First, you have to develop a brand voice. That is the tonal guideline for post consistency. Plenty of examples of compelling brand voices exist; look to your favorite brands for guidance in picking a tone that is right for you. It could be funny, ironic, dramatic, sophisticated – whatever fits your product and your customer base.

The best brands create a strong brand identity through both tones of voice and design. A well thought out combination differentiates brands from their competition. Researching your favorite brands that share a similar space will show how they remain true to their brand identity, from both atonal and visual standpoint. 

Pick a Platform

Are you energetic and engaging in front of a camera? If so, Instagram may bode well for your business. Try utilizing Instagram Live to keep your audience engaged and to update them on any new virtual classes/events offered by your business. According to a recent study by Business News Daily, around 60% of Instagram users have used the social media app to find new products. 

If you’d like to take a professional, business-oriented tone of voice, then LinkedIn would be a good fit for your more professional-grounded content. You can also plan a cross-platform approach, with resources like Buffer available to help create content calendars and automatically post content. Hootsuite is another social media management platform that will house and post your content for you. 

A recent data study by found that 75% of consumers go online to research a business before making a purchase. So when these consumers visit your site and social media pages, you’ll want to ensure they are thoroughly impressed. 

The Future is Online 

The rise of online sales platforms has come as both a necessity and inevitability as the need to provide your customer with an online-version of your establishment has become the new normal. Building out an eCommerce platform is becoming easier every day. In fact platforms like Wix, Shopify, and WooCommerce provide a framework that would take years to develop on your own. 

This allows your business to quickly transition to give your customers new places to purchase your products. This is where hiring a designer to refresh your logo and give you advice is a good idea. There are many variables to consider, ideas that the blog  Ways To Improve Marketing Efforts In 2021 can help you work your way through. 

You’ve Got Mail 

An easy way to keep tabs and engage your customer base is through email marketing campaigns. These provide you with opportunities to get your messages out to customers who have shown interest in your business. According to an article in Forbes, experts predict that nearly 4.15 billion email users will be active before the end of next year. 

Experts also cite personalization as the key in the sign-up process on your website, meaning you’ll want tailored information based on your customers’ interests. This level of personalization in your sign-up process helps inform the type of emails you send your customers. 


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