8 Small Business Marketing Tips & Products

This year has been an interesting one for small businesses, to say the least.  Each month has been filled with unexpected twists at every turn.

The resilience of small business owners throughout the year has led to innovation and creative uses of traditional marketing tactics. Here are some success stories, tips, and products to ensure your marketing goals reach full potential in this ever-changing market. 

The Influence of the Internet

Many small businesses have been forced to restructure their marketing budgets to cut costs down. Fortunately, the Internet is a resource readily available to help you connect to your customer base, a base that is spending more time at home and online. In fact, 45% of respondents in an eMarketer data study admitted that they have spent more time surfing the web on mobile devices and laptops during the pandemic. 

Reinventing the Website

Clearly, adapting to reach your customer base online is crucial to the survival of your business during these trying times. 

Adding or expanding an eCommerce website is a great way to drive revenue and generate customer engagement. Hire a designer to build out your sales-platform; you don’t have to be Amazon to provide an amazing online shopping experience. But you do have to provide one.

In a survey by Amazon Web Services, they found that 88% of users wouldn’t return to a website after a bad experience. Also with more people utilizing mobile, 4 out of 5 mobile users access online shopping via their smartphones, per a data study by Comscore. So having designers who specialize in both desktop and mobile website building will ensure optimization for your business. 

Friend Requests

Social networking has brought hope to struggling small businesses while giving customers a rallying point for supporting their favorite places. 

For example, a Chicago restaurant owner utilized Twitter to see if interest in delivery options existed in his neighborhood. Within hours his post generated so much attention, not only in his community but in the surrounding neighborhoods as well that after heeding the call and starting his delivery service, he extended the delivery range to accommodate eager suburban customers.

By adding a car decal to your car, you can quickly turn your business into a food delivery service. The more places you drive the higher the likelihood is that you’ll gain new customers as they may be interested in discovering new businesses like yours. 

Virtual Victories

Business owners are finding that their services can thrive in a virtual space during the new normal. Almost any service can be adapted to an online model with a little innovation. The opportunities are endless with more creativity happening every day. Utilize Zoom and video conferencing solutions to tailor experiences online. 

Gyms and restaurants have found success in offering classes and tutorials digitally. Send out flyers with URL links to promote your new online classes/tutorials. Even having banners outside of your physical location detailing new offerings will be helpful for prospective customers.

What’s In-Store For 2021

People want to get in and get out quickly and safely, which leaves little time for customer service. Make your customers feel welcomed with in-store safety guidelines and make sure staff and customers alike adhere to them. 

Protective measures like sneeze guards, social distancing signs, and floor stickers will make the customer experience faster, safer, and more enjoyable. 

The Fine Print  

There’s a reason print marketing is still around: it still works. This is true even more so now with more people at home. It will be much easier on your pocketbook to utilize print marketing materials like takeout menus and brochures to reach your customers. 

Cui Bono & Pro Bono

Free up capital by sharing a space with another small business, this proves to be beneficial for both businesses. And in the spirit of sharing, small businesses who’ve worked together also have shared their social media followers and gained new customers. 

Give back to your community and they will remember that you did. Pro bono work can make those you’ve helped into future customers and show your compassion for your community.

The Secret Sauce

Restaurateurs have created new products using custom labels for their specialty items and reselling them online and in-store. New products remind people of their favorite things at your establishment and will generate new revenue streams. 

Meal kits have also come into fashion as people are getting more adventurous and looking for a change of taste in the kitchen. Send over the ingredients to your customers and attach recipes to help them recreate their favorites at home. 


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