Inside Out(side): The Best Signage For Indoor and Outdoor Marketing

The average American sees anywhere from 6,000-10,000 digital and print ads every single day. To break through that noise businesses must get creative if they want to make a lasting impression on customers. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your marketing materials memorable for your customers. All you need to do is focus on the best indoor and outdoor signage to help your business marketing stand out.

Outshine Your Competition

Outdoor advertising is an important marketing strategy your business needs to be using.  An impressive 71% of motorists read and remember billboard advertisements. You don’t have to invest in expensive billboards to achieve similar results. Banners are a less expensive way to make a lasting impression, but don’t miss out on making new impressions because your signage isn’t versatile. Backlit banners are illuminated at night so they’ll be visible to potential customers 24/7. These banners are a cost effective and eye catching way to help your business stand out.

Have Fun With Your Storefront

We could all use a little levity right now and doing something silly with your signage is the perfect way to brighten your customers’ day. An inflatable tube man will add some fun to your storefront and make it feel inviting to new customers. They will appreciate this lighthearted and personable gesture as a refreshing alternative to stuffy and impersonable shopping experiences. These low-cost, portable tubes have a magnetizing effect on customers because our eyes are drawn to movement, making them the perfect way to draw in new business.

Open Air Opportunities

Spring is around the corner and many people are looking forward to warmer temperatures and outdoor activities. According to the CDC, as long as social distancing and masking guidelines are followed, outdoor activities are a relatively safe option for those looking to have fun and get some fresh air. 

Look for opportunities where you can bring your business outdoors. Set up a curbside or sidewalk ordering system so customers can safely and conveniently make purchases. Farmer’s markets and local festivals are a great way to engage your local community. Once you decide on an outdoor opportunity for your business to pursue, make sure you properly promote it.

Tents and Events

Custom canopy tents make your business pop at outdoor events. Canopy tents are a must-have item for your promotional marketing initiatives because they are a cost-effective and portable way to set up a branded event space. Commission a branded canopy tent so your business is easily recognizable to customers in different settings. Then make your space fun and inviting so customers can’t resist learning more about your business and products. Your tent should be set up as a multisensory experience with fun music and pre-packaged product samples or you can offer product demonstrations. 

Trade shows may look a bit different right now but signage remains a key tool for creating memorable touchpoints at these events. Even as the event industry moves to partially virtual trade show events, having a unique space with impeccable signage is important for both in-person and virtual attendees. Since 92% of attendees visit a trade show to learn about new and exciting products and services, make sure your event space is exciting and engaging. Canopy tents create the kind of event backdrop you need to make an impression. With your brand and logo front and center, it will play for both in-person and remote attendees. Branded pole banners add a vertical element to your event space and assist in directing customers on the trade show floor to your booth. 

In-Store Signage

An estimated 55% of Americans shopped in a store during the pandemic last year, so creating a visually appealing and inviting sales floor remains necessary. A lot of the outdoor signage solutions we have covered can be scaled to work inside your store as well. 

Backlit banners are a beacon for customers to beauty counters or jewelry displays. Print a flash sale message on one to create an alluring advertisement customers won’t be able to resist. The possibilities for pole banners are endless. Place one in the home and garden section to promote seasonal plant sales or above furniture displays for pieces you want to highlight. 

All of these signage solutions are cost conscious and versatile. Get creative with these items and develop welcoming store fronts, unique event spaces, and exciting sales floors. Commission a designer to develop a design strategy with eye grabbing colors and logos. Creative placement and impeccable design are keys to elevating your marketing strategy and enhancing your customer experience. These items are the best marketing solutions for memorable and engaging indoor and outdoor signage. 


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