Backlit Banners

Backlit Banners


Put your brand ahead of the competition not just every day but every night too!

  • Backlit vinyl flex banners perfect for outdoor use printed to your custom specifications
  • Backlit banner printing for banner frames to reflect light and garner maximum attention

Backlit Vinyl Flex Banners Custom Printed for Your Backlit Frame

Outdoor banners have one drawback. They’re great for brand recognition and customer attention but once the sun goes down, they gradually lose their effectiveness. This, however, is not true with backlit banners. By being lit from behind, these vinyl flex banners’ unique construction allows them to reflect any nearby light source. 

Your brand’s visibility will not diminish after the sun goes down, from any angle, putting your business ahead of the competition every night. Our customized backlit banner printing process gives you access to the best banners available that fit in durable, backlit boxes for ultimate performance.

Take advantage of backlit banners’:

  • 24-hour, year-round branding capabilities
  • High-resolution printing for even bright, color distribution 
  • Pre-designed templates or create your own design
  • Complimentary art proof

Maximize Your Company’s Visibility with Custom Backlit Vinyl Banner

Our pre-designed backlit banner templates provide ease and simplicity for those interested in quick and easy professional advertising products. You can also design your own using our web-based design application. Either way, you can create exactly that special vinyl banner your marketing and branding requires. 

Features of our special backlit banners include:

  • Vinyl Backlit Flex
  • Lightweight and easily stored
  • Weather-resistant
  • Customizable with full color, 720 dpi
  • UV resistant ink
  • Eco-Solvent printing
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Check out our backlit film printing services for more details on pre-designed templates, custom, and specialty options.

Get started today and we’ll ship your backlit vinyl banner directly to your door, tapping into your outdoor campaign’s 24-hour potential.