Backlit Banners

Backlit Banners

  • Designed from premium quality backlit flex.
  • 720 DPI Eco-solvent printing in full color.
  • Available in five sizes with customization available.
  • Choose to laminate your backlit banner for outdoor use.

Backlit Banners to Showcase Your Brand in a Whole New Light

Backlit banners are an excellent way to advertise your brand even at night (or under low-light, low-visibility conditions). The translucent material allows light to pass through and acts as the background for your message to pop out.

Our banners are printed on premium quality flex that is resistant to weather elements, and UV-safe, making them suitable for outdoor use. However, we recommend lamination to enhance its durability.

The eco-solvent printing adds ink in high density, which makes the banner look darker under regular conditions. But once you have the lightbox in place, the banner will light up in the perfect colors.

So come day or night, you can continue advertising your brand with backlit banners.

High-Definition Vinyl Banners Available in Your Choice of Design

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to customizing the graphics on your banners. If you have a design ready, then you can upload the artwork and we will proof it before proceeding with the print. Or if you wish to try your hand at creating it, you can use our design tool to bring your vision to life. Alternatively, if you are creatively challenged, then you can pick from our pre-designed templates or hire a designer for the task.

Custom Banner for All Kinds of Requirements

In addition to the design customization, we also extend facilities to define your own size specifications. As such, you can get your custom banners in whatever size you prefer.

Regardless of what you choose, the backlit vinyl banners will offer great visibility to your brand as the vinyl material allows maximum diffusion of light across the display.