Advertising Materials for the Outdoors

We’ve all had that moment where a cool or unusual billboard or advertisement catches our eye while we’re driving. Sometimes it’s because they’ve used an unexpected space in a different way, like banners on light poles or mini inflatable blimps. 

Creating eye-catching, unique methods to grab people’s attention – that’s a great way to increase your marketing and advertising spend. We pay a little more attention to those clever approaches because it’s in our nature. Even traditional methods, with a twist, can match non-traditional means to captivate the eye.

Outdoor Banners

We’ve seen them. At outdoor festivals, trade shows, exhibitions – even at the little league games. But just like any graphic, it’s the art that inspires and captures the imagination. Design them yourself and then have them professionally printed with state-of-the-art technology. That’s the ticket for game-changing.

Inflatable Tube Man

These are immediately recognizable as being everywhere during tax season. No one knows why, but tax return preparers seem to have had an affinity for these dancing bad boys from day one. But you know what? There’s a reason they keep using them: it works. Our eyes are always drawn to movement, so what better way to garner attention than by having one of these ginormous, whacko dudes flapping around?

Canopy Tents

Hellooooooooo soccer moms! Every soccer tournament known to moms and dads alike is rife with these guys. So are outdoor festivals, exhibitions, trade shows – anywhere with a lot of “booths” and people who need information. They make every event easier to spot and on a fundamental level they fill us with hope: we’ve found it! Turning a canopy tent into something different, however, also takes artistic license. And don’t limit yourself – you’ll come up with some amazing graphics ideas.

Backlit Banners

It’s night. Hence, it’s dark out, as night has a tendency to be. Then this happens.

These lightboxes complete with specialty backlit banners that are printed specifically to be lit from behind are beacons. They draw attention because they are the thing that doesn’t belong, the anomaly, the splash of light in an otherwise darkened area. Even if there are streetlights or lit buildings like in this image, none are standing alone, at eye height, in a space of their own. No, this changes the way you see the world. That’s money.

Pole Banners

Poles are usually placed very close to the street. With a creative utilization of that space, you are not only using a vertical element that, in design principles, automatically catches the eye, but the images crowd the space of the street. It’s a win-win. These banners are often used by museums, music halls, and theaters to announce an upcoming exhibit, performance, or show. We’ve all seen them lining a city street, and we always remember them. Note to self: pole banners.

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