8 ft x 10 ft Step and Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display

8 ft x 10 ft Step and Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display

  • Hardware made from industrial-grade, heavy-duty aluminum.
  • High-resolution dye-sublimation printing for greater clarity.
  • Graphic printed on top-quality polyester fabric.
  • Quick and easy no-tool assembly.

Leave a Lasting Impression at Any Event With Our 8 X 10 Step And Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display

Whether you wish to make your presence known on the stage of dance competitions or your sponsorship for a major business conclave, the 8 X 10 Step And Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display can get the word out on the street.

With a massive size of 8’ x 10’, it is hard to miss something that is that huge, even if it is positioned in the background. So, even if you are drowning in the middle of a crowd, your display will still stand out.

Additionally, dye-sublimation printing offers greater optical clarity to the message that is printed against the polyester fabric. This high-resolution print impresses the message in the minds of everyone who views it.

When used as a photographic background, the combination of polyester and digital printing offers an aesthetic backdrop for the image as it offers a legible, glare-free background. 

Easy to Install Step and Repeat Display in All Kinds of Environment

Despite its humongous size, the 8’ x 10’ step and repeat display is easy to set up. The hardware contains a series of aluminum poles that measure 1.4mm in thickness and 32mm in diameter. Putting together the whole setup does not require any tools as you can secure joints with twist locking mechanisms.

And once you have it up, the boxed shape of the display enjoys great stability even in high-traffic areas. Plus, the graphic is resistant to the damaging effects of external elements. So whether you position it indoors or outdoors, your wall box fabric display will stand tall and proud.

Personalize Your Wall Box Display With Engaging Graphics of Your Choice

As the name indicates, step and repeat displays feature a repetitive pattern that is printed in a staggered grid format. As such, you can have your brand logo printed across the entirety of the wall box display, with the option for single-side or double-sided print.

Plus, you can personalize the print to display your brand logo, a dedicated message, or any graphic of your choice. Simply pick the option to print the optional graphic, and choose from the menu of uploading your existing artwork, designing it online, or hiring a professional for the design.