Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeat Banners


Elevate your display game at any event, big or small.

  • Upload your print-ready file or use the online design tool + free templates
  • Add high-quality adjustable banner stand for the banner graphic
  • Wrinkle-free polyester fabric, matte finish, and high-resolution printing
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

Step & repeat banners- A Marketing Essential That Will Make Sure Your Brand is Recognized

Step and repeat banners are known for their presence at star-studded parties and events. But your event doesn’t have to be in Hollywood to make an impact. Promote your brand or business with a custom step and repeat backdrop from BannerBuzz and take your advertising game to the next level. These beautifully printed backdrops can instantly elevate your brand at any event or show, and that too in a minimal budget. They are a perfect choice for events that involve photography and videography. With your brand/event sponsor’s logos printed on the backdrop wall repeatedly, you are bound to achieve enhanced brand logo visibility.

Free pole pockets. Adjustable stands at a very minimal cost!

We print our banners in full-color 720DPI, Eco-Solvent Printing on 11oz PVC Flex fabric. You can add top and bottom pole pockets, or left and right pole pockets at no extra cost. Plus, get your banner laminated at a very minimal price. You can also add a sturdy and durable adjustable banner stand to your order. This versatile adjustable stand has a strong, lightweight aluminum frame with telescopic poles for easy adjustment. The pop-up frame is easy to set up and quick to break down after use. Step & repeat banners are a very impactful event tool for indoor events like trade shows, weddings, and conferences, etc. Not just that, we also offer you a quick choice to add a red carpet to your order, again at a very affordable price. This red carpet can act as a fantastic accessory to highlight your banner and banner stand at any event. Designed to withstand the sun and wet weather conditions, these red carpet banners are all you need, indoors and out. 

Key benefits of using a Step & Repeat Banner

These photography backdrops come with the below benefits:

  1. Great way to bring attention to your brand logo
  2. A fantastic way to promote your event sponsors 
  3. Engage your guests/attendees with pictures and videography
  4. Repeated brand promotion every time a picture from the event is shared
  5. Very impactful event tools for both indoor and outdoor advertising
  6. Matte finish evades camera flashes, making them a perfect choice for media and product photography.

A hassle-less ordering experience is what we offer!

Here at BannerBuzz, we allow you to order your custom signages and banners in a few easy clicks. Right from custom sizing to finishing options and personalizing your banners- everything is a few clicks away. The custom design tool and free design templates for step & repeat banners allow you to design and order it in minutes. 

Looking forward to branding your business/company in an upcoming press release, announcement, fashion show, or a red carpet event? Make a mark and bring all the attention to your business with these custom backdrop banners. Reach out to us for more information about your custom printing needs.

Step & Repeat Banners: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a step and repeat banner? 

A step and repeat banner is an advertising banner, also referred to as step & repeat wall backdrop. It is mainly used for photography events, press releases, media events, and red carpet events. The banner graphic has brand logos/images printed in a repeating pattern. Hence, adding the term ‘repeat’ to ‘step & repeat banners’. 

How are step & repeat banners different from media walls? 

Both of these are printed backdrops that have repetitive logos or images on them. Both can be used at events that involve photo opportunities. However, the step & repeat backdrops are smaller in size when compared to media wall backdrops. Also, the banner counterpart needs a banner stand to be installed. Whereas, a media wall is larger in size, and is installed using the printed fabric applied straight onto any rigid surface. They are also referred to as press walls. 

How much does a step and repeat banner cost?

The price of the banner varies depending upon the banner graphic material (vinyl/fabric) and its size. Large format printing for bigger banners could cost anything between $97- $400 and above. However, you can order a small step & repeat banner( 3×2FT) starting as low as $7. 

Why is it called a step and repeat banner?

The term Step & repeat actually refers to the process of people stepping in front of the backdrop wall to pose for the press/media and repeating the same process over & again. The term repeat also comes from the repetitive use of logos/images printed on the banner.

What is the standard size of a step and repeat banner?

These banners come in various sizes ranging from 8×8FT Step & repeat banner, which is the standard size. Followed by 8×10ft step & repeat banners used by many event exhibitors. However, for bigger events like red carpet events, the standard size can go as big as 20 to 50FT. 

Where can I buy a step and repeat banner?

Good quality banners (with or without a banner stand) can be bought from a local print manufacturer or online print manufacturers. However, it is always beneficial to shop online from reputable signs & banners manufacturers since online ordering comes with many added benefits. Look out for additional features like online offers, doorstep delivery, quick turnaround time, and quality guarantee while choosing a print manufacturer online. We at BannerBuzz also have step & repeat backdrops for sale at a very reasonable price. Please take a look at our banners if you are interested in buying quality signage at a competitive price. Plus, we offer bulk buy discounts, monthly offers, and FREE SHIPPING on all orders (till the offer lasts).

What are the dimensions of a typical step and repeat banner?

The standard dimensions of a step & repeat banner are 8’×8’ or 8’×10’. These event banners come in all sizes. For a well spread red carpet event, the standard dimensions can range from 20 to 50 feet depending upon the event. 

What is the standard size of a logo for a step and repeat banner?

The standard size of a Step and Repeat logo should be between 9 inches to 11 inches wide. Depending upon your personal event advertising needs, you can change the size. But try not to go any smaller than 5 inches, else they might not show well in the pictures taken at the event.

Do I need a step and repeat banner?

Most commonly used as a backdrop wall at publicity events that include photography, step, and repeat banners are capable of promoting multiple brand logos/images at the same time. The best part of using such banners is that they keep advertising and reaching new prospective customers even after the event is over. With every picture of the event being shared online on social media platforms, the logos and images keep advertising the brand over and again. So, if you are planning an event that involves photography or videography. You must opt for it.