Step and Repeat Fabric Banners

Step and Repeat Fabric Banners

  • Made of durable and long-lasting polyester fabric.
  • Engineered using full-color, 1440DPI, dye-sublimation printing technology.
  • Can be personalized with creative graphics, text, logos, and images.
  • Options to choose from several patterns available.

Step and Repeat Fabric Banners Come With an Adjustable Stand

Indoors or outdoors, in halls or theatres, you need to make sure your brand is presented in the best possible way. When it comes to events, presentations, and other ceremonies, look no further than our step and repeat fabric banners. They're crafted to make a lasting impression on your audience so that every event will stand out.

You can grab attention from all sides with the repeated design incorporating your logo and other graphics. The repeating print not only looks aesthetic but also presents your logo in the best light. The graphic sheet is fabricated from high-quality vinyl or polyester material that makes the banner durable.

Many marketers use these for indoor events, but our fabric banners are created to work perfectly outdoors. When you order a red carpet along with the fabric banner, you can turn an ordinary occasion into a glamorous, high-profile one.

At BannerBuzz, our step and repeat fabric banners come with a versatile adjustable stand with a robust and lightweight aluminum frame with telescopic poles for easy adjustment. The banner stand can be adjusted from 4.75' to10' width and 4' to 8' height.

Full-Color, 1440DPI, Dye-Sublimation Printing Technology Used to Make Fabric Banners

You’ll discover that our Step and Repeat fabric banners are a perfect blend of quality, style, and performance. Additionally, our fabric banners come with three hanging options - top and bottom pole pocket, top pole packet, and left and right pole pocket. We provide an extensive range of high-quality multi-color printed Cloth Banner for both outdoor and indoor advertisement.

The fabric banners are engineered using durable polyester material and are sturdy enough to withstand rain, wind, sunshine, or other weather conditions. The graphic weight of these fabric banners is 230 GSM. You get front and back dye-sublimation printing of full color 1440DPI.

Graphic Care Instructions for Your Fabric Banners

Our fabric banners can be washed both by hand or in the washing machine at average temperature using a mild detergent. To dry your banners, it's best to lay them out flat for the best results. You can also drip and line dry or tumble dry them at a gentle setting. To remove the wrinkles, iron them at high temperatures using plain paper between the fabric and the iron plate.