SEG Office Desk Partitions - 2 Desk


Define Your Workplace With Ready-to-Use SEG Office Desk Partitions for 2 Desks

Every workplace is currently looking for ways to create separated spaces & workstations while maintaining social distancing. Besides, by creating cordoned workspaces, you can use these ready-to-use SEG office desk partitions for 2 desks to meet expanding office needs in your budget.

Made of top-quality polyester fabric, our office desk dividers are highly durable and robust. These dividers come with a thickness of 340 GSM, making them lightweight yet powerful. Not only do they hold these features so well, our dividers look elegant and pleasing.

The SEG aluminum frames and attachments that we offer are sturdy and adhere to their original shape. Easy to install and dismantle, our aluminum frames allow fuss-free and quick set-up for two desk partitions.

You can order this frame with or w/o the fabric, depending upon your needs. Whatever desktop dimensions you choose, you will receive a T connector, cross connector, and footpad as a part of your SEG full modular workspace.

Our Office Desk Dividers comes in Multiple Sizes & Frames

The 2-desktop frame set-up is available in 3 different sizes, having the same height of 5 ft but different width options starting from 3.5 ft to 5 ft. All of these frames are a highly popular choice among our customers. You can choose from any of these sizes to meet your space needs.

The frame & fabric specifications plus quantities will depend on the size you choose. For example, if you opt for the size of 3.5, then you will receive 2 single-pole foot frames with a frame kit of 1.20m (w) x 1.50m (h) and two fabrics covering 1.20m x 1.50m (textile / transparent EVA) and likewise.

Custom Displays Available on Bulk Quantity Discounts

This full-modular frame will help you create two desk spaces at once. To create more similar spaces, increase the quantity of your order. To help you save more, we are offering a bulk-buy discount, which varies depending on the number of desk partitions you buy.