Rectangle Flags

Rectangle Flags

  • Made of premium quality flag fabric.
  • Graphic weight is 90 GSM.
  • Metal grommet/pole pockets are included for free.
  • Flag can be printed on one side or both sides.
  • Special bulk order discount is available.
  • We only offer the fabric, No hardware is included with this product.

Product Specifications

  • Graphic Material: Knitted Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight: 90 GSM
  • Printing: 1440 DPI, Full Color, Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Single-Sided Printing: Single-sided flags will show the image on the back side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.
  • Double-Sided Printing: Double-sided flags can have 2 separate images or the same image. These flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides
  • Finishing: Additional 3" white fabric on selected side for pole pocket. Grommet will be placed in the given size.
  • Finish size may have +/-1" variation.

Printing Options

Single Sided Printing

The default single sided printing option has printing on one side of the flag with its mirror image on the back side with 50-60% visibility.

Double Sided Printing

Design your graphics with two-sided printing for multi-directional marketing opportunities. You can get the same or different image printed on both sides. These flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides.

Hanging Options


Metal Grommets

Made from heavy duty brass, these rustproof grommets are set in place onto a punched hole creating a secure and strong edge. Use them in conjunction with a rope, ties, bungee cords, or other tie-down options. You can choose the position of grommets at the top or the left side of the flag as per your requirements.


Pole Pockets

A pole pocket is a pole sleeve where a pole or a rod can slide into. It is created by folding and sealing approximately 3" extra material outside the actual flag size towards the back of the flag. You can choose the position of pole pockets at the top or the left side of the flag as per your requirements.

Graphic Care Instructions

  • Polyester, nylon or other synthetic fabrics are normally safe to wash in a machine.
  • Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle with warm water.
  • Add mild liquid laundry detergent to the wash water.
  • You can also hand wash the flag with a mild liquid detergent made for delicate items. Frequent use of washing machine for cleaning flag may harm knitting of the fabric.

Buy Our Rectangle Flags on Display & Draw in Extra Leads

If you are looking for an impressionable mode of advertising, then our custom rectangle flags are just right to do the job. Customize them by picking a size and designing the logo/message/ brand, choosing a suitable hanging hardware and get the perfect tool to attract customers and create a lasting impression.

Our rectangle flags are made of the best quality 90 GSM knitted flag fabric. This is a strong and sturdy fabric and makes the flags durable and long-lasting. The polyester fabric used also makes them resilient towards harsh exterior elements. The good longevity of the flags ensures that you don’t have to spend frequently on such promotional tools.

Understanding the unique requirements for individual organizations, we provide our custom rectangle flags in multiple standard sizes. Furthermore, we also allow you to order these flags in customized sizes. Choose a flag as per your requirements and display area. For tailor-made sizes, select the custom size from the drop-down list and enter your desired dimension. It is to be noted that the final size may have a variation of +/-1".

These robust flags can be hoisted using a flag pole or grommets. We provide rust-free metal grommets that imparts extra longevity to the flags. You can choose the position of the pole pocket and grommet from the drop-down list on our website. They are easy to maintain; can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent. For their longer shelf-life, it is recommended to avoid frequent machine-wash and clean them using hand.

Enjoy heavy sales with these personalized rectangle flag that are easy to design on our website. Our free online tool offers your multiple trendy templates. These templates can be modified in line with your organization’s goal with little tweaks. If you already have a ready-made design, upload it directly in the space provided. Else, you can also hire from our professional designers to help you with the designing process.

Our premium rectangle flag printing is done using 1440 DPI, full-color, dye-sublimation printing process and inks. It allows you to create a flag that exactly matches your vision. The final graphics are eye-catching and vibrant. The prints are clear, allowing people to read and comprehend the flag even from a distance.

You can print these durable flags on a single side or on both the sides as per your requirements. The flags with printing on one side, exhibit a mirrored image on the reverse side with 50% to 60% visibility. Flags with two-side printing can have the same image or two different images. A liner is sewn in between the two sides, so that the images do not reflect on each other.

You can order any number of personalized rectangle flags and enjoy bulk order discounts. Check out the discount table for further details. The offered discount increases as the number of flags increases in your cart. So, save more by buying more. Shop for the resilient rectangle flags online at BannerBuzz, today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide the complete package for the flag?

This product consists only of the graphic (flag) - no hardware is included.
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Q: Is the flag material opaque?

Single-sided flags will have some translucency. A double-sided flag will come with a liner between the two sides, making it almost opaque.
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Q: Can I have a different print on each side of a double-sided flag?

Yes. Be sure to mention the requirement in the "Specific Instructions" box.
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Q: How long do these last?

All our products come with a 120-day warranty. The actual life of the product is generally 2-5 years depending on weather conditions and handling of the product.
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Q: I don't want a 3" pole pocket, can you reduce it to 1"?

Yes, mention your requirement in the "Specific Instructions" box.
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