Rectangle Flags

Rectangle Flags


Display large amounts of data with a larger surface area of rectangle flags.

  • Excellent for indoor/outdoor promotions
  • Includes free metal grommets/pole pockets
  • Portable & easy to install
  • Choice of single/double-sided printing

Make An Indelible Impression With Rectangle Flags

Have an upcoming event, tradeshow, or a sale coming up? Looking to attract more customers? Want to draw in extra leads? Do all this and more with this single advertising tool- The Rectangle Flag. This advertising flag is one of the best ways to promote your brand in a bespoke way. Just like our feather flags and Country Flags, you can customize and personalize this banner flag too. Create impactful advertising flags using our free flag templates and design tool. If you need professional design assistance, our team of expert designers can create a bespoke flag for you that is unique to your business/brand. They are popularly used for outdoor advertising as they move with the wind, drawing attention towards whatever is being advertised. Learn more about this custom banner flag below or start your order right away.

Great Flag Quality Topped Up With Best Price Guarantee

Our 90 GSM flag fabric ensures the durability and quality of the display. On top of that, we offer the best price guarantee to make your ordering experience all the more remarkable. This rectangle flag will allure potential customers with its vibrant colors, eye-catchy premium quality graphics, and full-color printing. Regardless of which flag size you choose to order- 5’ x 3’  banner flag, 3’ x 11’ flag, or a custom size flag. You are sure to end up garnering enough attention towards your flag advertisement.  And all this at a very minimal price is what makes BannerBuzz flags worth ordering.  

Free rectangle flag design templates and online design tool

The choice of printing your brand logo/message/design on your flag allows you to associate your brand value with it. You can achieve this via our easy-to-use online design tool. Create unique artwork for your flag using one of our many rectangle flag design templates. Or just upload your print-ready file at the time of checkout.  Our unique design and print method allow the ink to seep in right through the fabric, allowing it to remain resistant to various outdoor elements. The ink and fabric work in collaboration to create an eye-popping fluttering display that can be seen from miles away. The flag fabric is lightweight yet it makes the wind work for it and resists wear and tear.

Wait no more and place your online flag order now and get a handy advertising tool for your upcoming product launch, tradeshow, or an open house like never before. 

Rectangle Flags: Frequently Asked Questions

What are rectangle flags?

Also referred to as rectangle flag banners, they are used for advertising purposes. The name comes from the fact that they are printed on a rectangle-shaped fabric. They are popularly used as an indoor and outdoor banner signage. Their generous size allows them to display large amounts of text and images as compared to other quirky shaped flags.

What is the fabric used in rectangle flag banners?

As they are meant for outdoor advertising, they are usually constructed out of durable and weather-resistant fabrics like polyester/PVC. BannerBuzz rectangle flags are made of weather and fade resistant 90gsm premium flag fabric.

How can I protect my flag from sun fading?

Most of the outdoor flag banners are made of fade-resistant fabric. However, this does not make that constant exposure to harsh sun rays won’t do any harm to your fabric or print. When exposed constantly to direct sunlight for a longer duration at a stretch, your flag might lose its original vibrancy and print quality. So, to protect your flag from sun fading, it is recommended to display your banner flags out of direct sunlight. Also, when not in use or during extremely inclement weather, take it off and store well. This will increase the longevity of the fabric as well as the print and save it from fading. 

Is it recommended to use rectangle banner flags in windy areas?

Just like the sun and other external elements, outdoor flags are generally made to last moderate winds too. While it can resist low to moderate gusts of breezes, it might not be able to take on the pressure from heavy winds because of its lightweight and portable nature. Please refrain from flying your flag when the winds are too heavy.  

What are the different hanging options for a flag?

The safest way to hang a flag is by using a flag pole that is roped through the pole pockets on the left or right side of it. You can also use grommets to hang the banner with zip ties or a rope. When opting for grommets, go for the metal grommets because they are rust-resistant and a lot more durable.

Where can I order custom rectangle flags?

Make a quick online search for custom print manufacturers. Most of the online print manufacturers offer custom flag printing. We at BannerBuzz also offer custom printing services. With our online design tool + tons of free design templates for rectangle flags, custom designing is a breeze. Plus, we also offer expert design assistance for free if you get stuck somewhere with the design or ordering. 

Can I have two separate images on my flag?

Yes, you can. With double-sided printing, you can get two different images/graphics printed on your flag banner. You can even choose the same image to be printed on both sides of the flag to achieve 2-sided advertising. Two-sided printed flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides to prevent the images from being reflected on the opposite side of the fabric.